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21.I am afraid I am not fit for the job,because it is one requires a lot of patience.
A.who B.that
C.what D.where
答案 B
解析 句意为:恐怕我不适合这项工作,因为这项工作需要极大的耐心。强调句型的构成是it is+被强调部分+that+其他。
22.Efforts will be made to new teaching models to exploit the students’ potential.
A.accelerate B.innovate
C.differentiate D.compile
答案 B
解析 句意为:学校将努力引入新教学模式以便能开发学生的潜力。accelerate加速,加快;innovate创新,改革,引入;differentiate区分,区别;compile编译,编制,编辑。根据句意可知,空格处用innovate。21·世纪*教育网
23.—Do you live in the neighborhood near Nanjing Road?
—No.I there these days to visit my uncle.
A.have stayed B.would stay
C.had stayed D.am staying
答案 D
解析 句意为:——你住在南京路附近的社区吗?——不。我这几天来这里看望我的叔叔。根据句中的时间状语these days可知,此处表示这几天正在发生的事,应用现在进行时态。故选D。
24.Compared with the long-standing friendship between the two countries,their boundary dispute is only a issue.
A.sensitive B.controversial
C.political D.temporary
答案 D
解析 句意为:与两国长期存在的友谊相比,它们的边界争端只是一个暂时性的问题。根据句意及long-standing可知,temporary暂时的,符合语境。sensitive敏感的;controversial有争议的;political政治的。
25.—I’m late,for I was caught in the traffic jam.
—Oh, .Find another
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