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1. About of the students like keeping diaries in English in our class. (2019安顺)
A. two fifth B. two fifths C. second five D. two five
2. David Beckham has ______ children. Brooklyn Beckham is his ______ son. (2019宜宾)
A. third, first, B. three, one C. three, first D. third, one
3. It’s never too old to learn. Karl Marx began to learn English in his ______. (2019 广东)
A. the fiftieth B. fiftieth C. fifty D. fifties
4. In his ________,Wilson returned to his hometown and began to teach. (2019漳州)
A. thirty B. thirties C. thirtieth
5. ______ month of the year is May. (2019天津)
A. Two B. The second C. Five D. The fifth
6. I live in Room 403, Sam lives in the room right above mine, on the _______ floor.(2019广东)
A.third B.three C.fifth D.five
7. Basketball is so exciting that _______ people play it for fun. (2019天津)
?A. million? ?? ?? ?? ?? B. two millions? ?? ?C. million of? ?? ?? ?? ?D. millions of
8. Boys and girls, please turn to Page _______ and look at the _______ picture. (2019呼和浩特)
A.Fifth; five B.Five; five C.Fifth; fifth D.Five; fifth
9. Helen loves reading. She has read _______ books this month. (2019重庆)
A. five B. fifth C. five of D. fifth of
10.It’s my ________ time to come to the bookstore this month because most of the books in it are my favorite. (2019哈尔滨)
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