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A (2018·浙江嘉兴)
How important is your mobile phone to you
Imagine that you went to a day camp without your phone. How would you feel Do you think you could get through your __1__(社会的) life Share your thoughts with us!
I’m not sure,but why would anyone do so The mobile phone has brought us a much __2__(更容易的) life. My old granny says it has __3__(控制) our life. However,my friends and I still think it has many __4__(优点).
—Lizzie Wong
I would thank it if my family members could leave their mobile phones at home,__5__(尤其) when we get together. Every time we eat out,my son and his wife are always busy checking and replying to emails,while my __6__(孙子) plays online games or texts his friends all the time. We only talk to each other when the waiter __7__(给……看) us the menu. A family get-together is supposed to draw everyone together to have fun,but mobile phones __8__(引起) people less attention on each other.
—Thomas Miller
My mobile phone is __9__(有帮助的). I use it to check my calendar and to keep in touch with others. The idea of not having it around worries me. __10__(一次) I left my phone at home and I couldn’t pay attention to my work at all. My partners in my office have the similar experiences too.
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