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26、In our city, about ________ of people can get _________ yuan a month.
A.three quarters; two thousands    B.three quarter; two thousand
C.three quarters; two thousand     D.three quarter; two thousands
27、—What’s that boy doing?
—He is jumping like a monkey to ___ the baby laugh.
A. make       B. decide         C. ask         D. want
28、Did you ________ a movie yesterday evening?
A. watched         B. see         C. saw            D. looked
29、---I don’t know how to use this machine.
---It doesn’t matter. Here is the ________.
A.instruction      B.direction  C.information    D.advertisement
30、---Inventors have changed the way we live.
---So they are famous for the great things they___.
A.do         B.did         C.are doing    D.had done
31、---Are you going to Bejing by plane?
---It’s fast ,but expensive. So I am not sure.I____take a train.
A.should         B.may      C.must       D.will
32、---Do you remember______he came here?
---Of course I do.H
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