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Module 7 Unit 3 Language in use. Period2:38张PPT
Module 7 Unit 3
Language in use. Period 2 同步练习
Now students’ English handwriting(书法)gets worse and worse. That makes their teachers feel worried. Is your English handwriting beautiful If n________, here are four steps that really work!
Use paper with lines
Using paper with lines can keep you writing straight i________ of up or down when you write English words or sentences. Those lines on the paper can help you to write words in the right size. Be s________ to fill the lined space completely. And make sure those capital letters(大写字母) are written properly.
Slow down
If your writing is hard to read, try slowing down a little. For some kids, going slower makes the handwriting clear. If you write too q________, it’s hard for you to stop where you should, and even worse, you may make more m________.
Hold your pencil right
When you hold your pencil the correct way, writing is much e________ . Some kids press down really hard when they write. That makes the handwriting not nice. Try to be relaxed and don’t hold the pencil so hard. Let your writing appear nice and clean. If you do so, people will guess you are a student w________ a good habit.
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