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Leonard is a poor man. For him, life is always hard. He is always hungry. His shoes have holes (洞) in them. His clothes are old and dirty. “What will I do if I have one hundred dollars” Leonard thinks. This is a question he likes to ask himself.
On a Thursday night, he was walking down the street. The winter air was so cold. “If I have one hundred dollars, I will get a warm coat,” he said. He kept walking down the street. “If I have one hundred dollars, I will buy a pair of new socks.” He kept walking down the street. “If I have …”Leonard looked down at the street. He couldn’t believe his eyes! There was a wallet(钱包)! Leonard picked it up. Inside was one hundred dollars. He was very happy. “Now I can buy everything I want!” Then Leonard began to think. “But this is not my money,” he said. Leonard went to the police station. He gave the wallet and money to a policeman. “You are an honest (诚实的) man,” said the policeman. Then he took out his own wallet and gave Leonard 10 dollars. “Get yourself something to eat.”
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