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Unit1 Where did you go on vacation?
1.visit museums 参观博物馆 2. go to summer camp 去参观夏令营 3. try paragliding 尝
试滑翔伞运动 4. something interesting 有趣的东西 enjoyable activities 令人愉快
的活动 5. the top of the hill 山顶 6. feed(fed) hens and pigs 喂鸡和猪 7.buy
sth. for sb. 或 buy sb. sthwww-2-1-cnjy-com
8. feel like 意为:“感受到;摸起来” feel like doing sth.意为“想做某事”。
9.Why don’t you visit someone with me? 你为什么不跟我一起去拜访下某个人呢?(表建
议) 提建议的句子:
①What/ how about +doing sth.?
②Why don’t you + do sth.? ride bicycles 骑自行车
③Why not + do sth. ? long time no see 好久不见
④Let’s + do sth. most of the time 大多数时间
10.到达: get to+地点=reach+地点= arrive at+地点(小)=arrive in+地点(大)
注意:若他们后面要加地点副词 here, there, home 等,则不需要加介词。
11. enjoy doing sth . 喜欢做…;乐意做…
enjoy oneself 过得愉快 =have fun/have a good time.
12.seem 意为“好像;似乎;看来”,是个连系动词,构成的短语有:
seem to do sth. 好像做某事 13. because of + 名词/代词/名短
seem(to be)+adj. 似乎...... because + 从句
It seems that + 从句 似乎......
14. bored (adj)修饰人; interested/ tired/ excited/ amazed/surprised
boring(adj)修饰物 interesting/ tiring/ exciting/ amazing/surprising
15.decide decide to (not) do sth. = make a decision (not) to do sth. decide on
doing sth. 决定做某事 decision(n)
16. enough enough +名词
足够 (形/副)+enough+ (名) to do sth. 足够…去做…
同义句: She is too young to go to school. (too… to… :太… 而不能…)
She is so young that she can’t go to school.
17. 1. What a/an + adj.+ n( 单 )+ 其 他 ! 或 What + adj. +n
2. How+ adj. +其他!或 How + adv+!
Unit2 How often do you exercise?
频率副词:always, usually, often, sometimes, hardly ever, never 1.how
often 次数+时间段 (注意:表示“一次或两次”时, 一般用 once 和 twice 表示。
表:多久一次 every +时间段 而表示“三次或以上”时,则用“数词+times”结构。)
2.词组(1) how many+ 可数名词复数 (3) How old...? 询问年龄
how much+不可数名词。
(2) 多久(时间) 3. 满的;饱的 …be full of…
多长(某物的长度) 忙的=busy
4. ask sb. to do : 叫…做某事 ask sb. not to do sth.: 叫…不要做某事
ask sb. about sth. : 问某人某事
ask sb. for sth. : 向某人要求…
5. (n) 惊讶: to one’s surprise 令某人惊讶的是 in surprise 惊讶地 surprise
be surprised at sth. 对… 感到意外
(v) 使惊奇、意外: be surprised to do sth. 惊讶做某事
be surprised that + 从句 2·1·c·n·j·y
6. such as =like + 名短: 度过(时间)
for example + 句子: 7. 花费(时间、钱)
8.Here are the results. 以下是结果 9..be free 自由的,空闲的,免费的
10. at least 至少 at most 最多 11. stay up late 熬夜 12. junk food 垃圾食品 13.go
online 上网 14.. more than =over 超过 15. go to the dentist: 去看牙医 16. keep healthy
=keep in good health: 保持健康 17.fifteen percent of the students 百分之十五的学
生 18. although 尽管;虽然,表示转折关系,同义 though, 不与 but 连用。 19. be good for:
对…有好处 be good at:擅长于… be good to sb./sth: 对…好 be good to do sth.
适合;宜于 be good with: 与…相处好
Unit3 I’m more outgoing than my sister
1.事实上;实际上 in fact 2. 唱歌比赛 the singing competition 3. 头发更短的那个 the
one with shorter hair 4. 关心 care about 5. 只要;既然 …as long as… (像…一样
长) 6. 和…一样 as…as 7. 分享一切 share everything 8. 与…不同 be different from
9.与…相同 be the same as… 10. 与…相似的 be similar to…11. 取得更好成绩 get better
grades 12.打电话询问更多信息 call for more information 13.laugh at sb.笑话;取笑
某人 14.bring out 使显现;使表现出;生产;出版 bring out the best/worst in sb. 激
发出某人最好/最差的品质. 21*cnjy*com
15. look like : 看起来像(外貌) 16. It’s+adj.+ for sb.+ to do sth.:
be like: 像(性格,外貌) 某人做某事怎么样.
17. though 意为“然而;但是”,表示转折关系, 常放于句尾,用逗号隔开.
however 可位于句首、句中或句末,常用逗号隔开。
You are both too young. 注意:all:都(三者或三者以上);
18. Both of …..+名词复数 either:两者中任一个;
both…and…两者都…… every:每个(三者或三者以上)
19. make/let /have sb. do sth.= get sb. to do sth. 使某人做某事
make+宾语+形容词: 使某人/某事怎样
how long…? full
例如 spend
20.形容词和副词的比较级(课本 P113-P115)
Unit 4 What’s the best movie theater?
1.the best movie theater 最好的电影院 2. the biggest screens 最大的荧屏 3. all
kinds of…各种各样的 4. three meals a day 一日三餐 5.the most comfortable seats
最舒服的座位 6.buy clothes the most cheaply 买衣服最便宜 7. the worst service
最差的服务 8. buy tickets the most quickly 买票最快 9. take…seriously 认真对
待… 10.and so on 等等 11.sing the most beautifully 唱得最动听 12.make up 伪
造;编造 13. way to do sth :做...的方式 14.come true: (梦想等)实现 15. so
far: 迄今为止 16. be up to sb. 由某人决定 17.Welcome to the neighborhood! 欢迎
来到社区! welcome to+地点 欢迎到… 18. 全世界: around the world = all over the
19. thanks for (doing) sth. = thank sb. for (doing) sth. 感谢某人做某事
20. No problem. ①不客气(回答感谢)②没关系(道歉)③ 没问题(请求)
21. do sth. ( 经常或已发生)
doing sth. ( 某次或正在发生)
22. (v):关闭;封闭 close the door/road.
(adj): 近的;接近的
(adv): 接近;靠近 be close to
23. play a role in ... 在...扮演角色/起作用
play ‘s role well 扮演...角色演得好 21*cnjy*com
获得一等奖 win the first prize
24. 获得最佳演员奖 win the prize for the best actor
奖项颁给…. The prize goes to Jim.
25. be talented in: 在….有天赋
have a talent for (doing) sth. :有….的天赋
26.形容词和副词的最高级(课本 P113-P115)原级、比较级、最高级的相互转换
①原级与比较级的转换:比较级+than → not...as/so...as...
②比较级与最高级的转换: the other +名(复)
(在范围之内) the+最高级 → 比较级+than+ any other+名(单)
e.g. Jim is the tallest student in our class.
Jim is taller than any other student in our class.21 世纪教育网版权所有
Jim is taller than the other students in our class. 21 教育网
Jim is taller than anyone else in our class.
Unit5 Do you want to watch a game show?
1.do a good job 干得好 2.something enjoyable 令人愉快的东西 3. in the 1930s 在二
十世纪三十年代 4.find out :查明;弄清楚 5. disagree/ agree with sb. (不)同
意某人的观点或意见 6. have a discussion 7. dress up: 化妆;打扮 dress up like/as sb.
化妆成某人 8.learn from … 向…学习 www.21-cn-jy.com
watch/see/hear/feel/find/notice(注意) + sb.
9. (n)计划:make a plan to do sth.= plan to do sth.制定计划做… make
a for sth. 为…制定计划
(v) 计划;打算:plan (to do) sth (planning; planned)
10. 站立:stand up
容忍(否): can’t stand (doing) sth.
11. (n) 头脑;想法;心思 expect: expect sth/that+从句
(v)注意;留心: 期望;盼望 expect (sb. )to do sth.
介意;反对 mind +doing
(n)希望:如: He never gave up his hope.
12. ( v)希望:hope to do sth. ; hope +that 从句.21·世纪*教育网
I hope so. 我希望如此。 I hope not. 我不希望如此。
13. 进展 How did you go on in your study?你的学习进展得怎样?
继续 同一件事:go on doing sth. = go on with sth.
另一件事: go on to do sth.
14. 发生 What happened to you?= What’s wrong with you?
巧遇/偶然做... happen to do
15. famous be famous for...: 因...出名
有名的;著名的 be famous as...: 作为...出名
16. 出来;花开;发芽 :
( 书刊、产品等)上市;发行
17. 尽力做...: try to do sth.
尝试做...: try doing sth.
have a try: 试一试 try on:试穿(衣、鞋等)
18. 失去;丢失 losing his girlfriend
迷失(方向、路) lose the way
输掉((比赛) lose the game ; lose to sb : 输给某人
19. ready be ready to do sth. 准备/乐于做... ;
be ready for sth. 为...做准备
get ready to do sth./ for sth. (为)准备(做...)
take one’s place = take the place of sb. : 代替;替换
20. take place : 发生(happen)
Unit 6 I’m going to study computer science
1. at the beginning of… 在…开始时 2. 询问职业:What do you do? What are you?
What’s your job? 3. grow up 成长;长大 4. another foreign language 另一门外
语 5. the coming year 来年 6. get a lot of exercise 多锻炼 7. write down 写
下;记下 8. physical health 身体健康 9. study medicine at a university 在
大学学医 10. take medicine. 吃药 11. New Year’s resolutions 新年的决心 12. eat
healthier food 吃更健康的食物 13. a cooking school 一所厨师学校 14. make the
soccer team 组建足球队 15. at the end of … 在…结束时/的终点 16.grow up 长
大;成长 grow into... 长成 He has grown into a young man
go on
come out
lose /lost
17. 保持(状态) keep healthy. 记(日记、账簿) keep a diary
抚养(人);饲养(动) keep a p
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