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1.Amy makes fewer mistakes than Peter. She does her homework_________ (careful).
2.John is __________(luck) enough to miss the first train.
3.The guide said that much attention must ___________(pay) to these details.
4.My friend told me that he wasn’t used to __________(travel) by plane and he used to _________(feel) sick a lot.
5.Thank you for _________ me to the party, I’m grateful to you for your __________(invite).
6.By the time he was 12, he _____________(teach) himself French.
7.He watched the result of the test and then ___________(draw) a conclusion.
8.So far, we ___________(hold) twelve sports meetings.
9.This camera doesn’t belong to _________(he), it’s _________(I).
10.This car costs too much. Don’t you have something _________ (cheap)
11.Many tigers are in _________ now, we should try our best to protect these _________(danger) animals.
12.The beautiful attraction is always full of _________(tour) every year.
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