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1.The New Silk Road will offer a good ________ for more nations to communicate.
A.chance B.habit C.question D.price
2.People usually touch something with their ________.
A.eyes B.noses C.mouths D.fingers
3.—Can you tell me some ________ about the Brazil Olympic Games
—OK. Let me help you search the Internet.
A.service B.information
C.discussion D.success
4.Some old people need a ________ because they feel lonely.
A.gift B.stick C.pet D.watch
5.—Why do people never cut up the ________ on their birthdays
—Because they are a symbol of long life.
A.eggs B.cakes C.noodles D.dumplings
6.—Why do you look so excited, Tim
—I’ve just got a wonderful ________.
A.news B.job C.furniture
7.My uncle keeps many ________ on the farm. And I often help him feed them.
A.cow B.horse C.pig D.sheep
8.The broken ________ may cut into your hand if you touch it. You should be careful.
A.glass B.glasses C.candle D.candles