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Module 2- Traffic Jam
Teaching aims
1. Master the words and the phrases.
2. Can express your ideas about the traffic problems.
3. Giving advice or information to visitors.
Important points
1. Discuss the traffic problems.
2. Practice describing the traffic jam.
Difficult points
1. Describe the traffic jam.
2. Talk about the traffic problems.
Teaching methods
1. Multi-media teaching.
2. Writing on the blackboard.
3. Class activities: discussion in groups and in class.
Teaching procedures
Step one
Speaking practice:
1. Lead in
? What do you know about the traffic jam
? Can you describe a traffic jam
In this unit, we will talk about the traffic jam.
First look at the pictures on screen.
? What do you think of these pictures
2. Answer the questions
? Have you or your parents ever been stuck in a traffic jam
? Where were you going
? How long were you in the jam
Ask students to do the activity in pairs, and then call back the answers in class. Finally ask students to look at the samples on screen.
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