[ID:4-4429144] 高中英语人教版选修7 Unit 3 Under the sea【教学设计】
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Unit 3 Under the sea
In this unit students learn about Killer whales and whaling in the early twentieth century, and about the decline in shark populations in the world today. The unit asks students to think about contemporary issues such as whether whaling should be allowed and whether sharks should be protected. The reading texts are in the forms of a fictional story, a diary entry and a retelling of an In it legend. The listening texts include a dialogue that show how to make a complain, radio news items and a radio interview.
Let the Ss know how to read and can recite the following new words: etc.
Let the Ss know about some simple things under the sea.
1. Make the Ss to talk about some things about the sea they learned before.
2. Enable students to discuss what will the text talk about.
1. Stimulate the Ss’ interest in learning English..
2. To develop Ss’ sense of cooperative learning.
1. To enable the Ss to learn about something of sea.
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