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(共44张PPT) Unit 2 Robots Doraemon Transformers Astro Boy Robots Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow by Gaowenwen Yesterday Dream household robots industrial robots entertainment robots Realized! Realized! Realized! Today Realized What will robots be like tomorrow?? Will robots have feelings? Will robots cause serious social problems? Will there be laws to direct robot’s conduct? ? Ruined? Tomorrow Reading Satisfaction Guaranteed Writer: Isaac Asimov 1. What is the main idea of the story? 2. What are the main characters and their relationships in the story? Skimming Main idea of the story: The story tells us how a robot used for housework was tested out in a family. Larry Belmont Claire Tony Gladys Claffern Main characters in the story: ---- Larry’s wife, a housewife ---- a robot ---- works in a company that makes robots ---- a woman that Claire envies The relationship among them: Claire Larry Tony Gladys envies Find out the information about Tony tall handsome facial expressions never changed smooth and black hair deep voice soft and warm skin quick capable Scanning Why did Claire feel alarmed at the sight of Tony? A. Because he was a robot. B. Because she didn’t like him. C. Because he was more like a human being than a machine. D. Because he never changed his facial expressions. 2.We can infer that when Claire first saw Tony, she felt alarmed by _____. A. his appearance B. his ability C. his facial expressions D. his cleverness 3.The robot Tony helped Claire to realize her dreams by______. A. making her home elegant B. giving her a new haircut and changing the make-up she wore C. giving her advice on her dresses D. all the above 4. All the following statements are true EXCEPT _______. A. Tony tried to please Claire B. Claire tried to displease Tony C. Tony managed to protect Claire D. Gladys admired Claire for her Tony 5. We can infer from the passage that_____. A. Claire liked Tony but feared him B. Claire cried because Tony made her angry C. Claire forgot Tony as soon as Tony left her D.Tony had no feelings as human being. However, when she first saw the robot, she felt . His name was Tony and he seemed more like a human than a machine. On the second morning Tony, wearing an apron, brought her breakfast and then asked her whether she needed help dressing. She felt and quickly told him to go. Tony said that she must feel very unhappy to say that. Claire thought it was to be offered sympathy by a robot. But she began to him. She told him how she was overweight and this made her feel . Comprehending alarmed embarrassed ridiculous trust unhappy She looked at his fingers with wonder as they turned each page and suddenly reached for his hand. She was by his fingernails and the softness and warmth of his skin. How , she thought. He was just a machine. Claire thanked Tony, telling him that he was a " ". As she turned around, there stood Gladys Claffern. How to be discovered by her, Claire thought. What to be envied by those women! amazed absurd dear awful a sweet victory Match How did Claire feel? What happened? alarmed a. Claire was offered sympathy by Tony. embarrassed b. Claire noticed Tony’s fingernails and felt the softness and warmth of his skin. trust c. Tony had to go. amazed d. Tony asked whether she needed help dressing. sad e. Tony had just arrived How Claire’s emotion developed alarmed embarrassed trust amazed love sad a science fiction 科幻小说 bonus e.g. Works here will receive a bonus when they produce more goods; The warm weather in winter has been a real bonus. 奖金;红利;额外津贴;意外的好处 apron 围裙 overweight (体重)超重 elegant 优雅的;高雅的;讲究的 Guessing Game a pile of … 一堆… Scan e.g. We skim( 略读)for the main idea and scan for detailed information. 细看;仔细检查;扫描 fingernail 手指甲 absurd 荒谬的;可笑的 haircut 发型;理发 cushion 坐垫;靠垫;垫子 bedding 寝具;铺盖 [U] necklace 项链 clerk 售货员;职员 counter 柜台;计数器 have an affair e.g. President Clinton(克林顿) was excuted(指控;被告) for having an affair. 有暧昧关系 armchair 扶椅 cuisine 烹饪(风味);佳肴 How to guess the meaning? science fiction; cushion; bedding; necklace fingernail; haircut; armchair; overweight have an affair; clerk; counter; elegant; absurd cuisine 词性为先 1. 科幻小说 2. 奖金;额外津贴;意外的好处 3. 围裙 4. 超重 5. 优雅的;高雅的;讲究的 6. 一堆… 7. 细看;仔细检查;扫描 8. 手指甲 9. 荒谬的;可笑的 10.发型;理发 11.坐垫;靠垫;垫子 12.寝具;铺盖 13.项链 14.售货员;职员 15.柜台;计数器 16.有暧昧关系 17.扶椅 18.烹饪(风味);佳肴 a science fiction bonus apron overweight elegant a pile of … scan fingernail absurd haircut cushion bedding necklace clerk counter have an affair armchair cuisine To carry out jobs in the house . Entertain people . To help people out of trouble . It is terrible that we can’t tell the difference between a real man and a robot . People are likely to fall in love with them . Write a short passage according to your debate. Finish EXX 2 & 3 on Page 12 in your Student’s Book. Homework Technology will change our daily life, so in order to serve the motherland better in the future, you need study hard. 好好学习,用高科技来为我们伟大的祖国服务
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