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(共72张PPT) Unit 2 Robots Reading What’s a robot? A robot is a machine designed to do jobs that are usually performed by humans. They are programmed and controlled by a computer. Let’s look at some pictures and see what robots can look like. Robots can be made into all kinds of things. What can robots do? Pre-reading Robots Play with human Secretary Do dangerous work Housework And so on… Types of robots Industrial robots used in manufacturing Domestic robots such as vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers; Entertainment robots such as toys and those in theme parks; Robots used in toxic waste clean-up and in underwater and space exploration; … Do you think it is possible for a robot to: think for itself have feelings have its own needs and desires look and feel like a human being Reading Satisfaction Guaranteed Asimov’s first law for robots: A robot must not injure human being or allow them to be injured. In this case the injury is not a physical one but a psychological one. About the writer: Isaac Asimov Read the text quickly and answer the following questions: Skimming What is the text mainly about? It is mainly about how a robot used for housework was tested out in a family. 2. What did the robot called Tony look like? He looked like a tall and handsome man, speaking in a deep voice, with smooth black hair and his facial expression unchanged. How many characters are mentioned ? Who are they? What are they? what is the relation between them? Larry Belmont Claire Tony Gladys Claffern A robot One of the richest and most powerful women around. employed in a company that makes robots housewife couple was to be tested out by Claire in their family a woman that Claire envies Make a list of what the robot Tony did during the experiment. did housework Prevented Claire from being harmed (example) helped Claire make herself and her home elegant by… helped Claire be envied by other women gave her advice on how to decorate her house gave her a new haircut and changed the makeup she wore The change of Claire’s feeling to Tony unwilling to accept proud of him alarmed,disturbed and frightened embarrassed, disturbed and frightened trust fall in love . Larry was going to be away from home so he hired a robot to accompany his wife Claire. 2. Claire didn’t like the idea at the beginning, but at last she agreed to it. 3. When Tony offered to help dressing, Claire was pleased to accept it. But she thought it was surprising for a robot to be so human. T 1 F F True or False Careful Reading 4. Tony could understand Claire when she said she was not clever. 5. Claire’s husband wanted to improve his social position, but she was sorry she could do nothing to help him. 6. Tony was eager to help Claire. He scanned quite a lot of books in the library, but he could find no ways out. T T F 7. Tony asked Claire to go the town to buy things he needed to improve the house. 8. It was Claire that first decided to invite Gladys and her friends to her house. 9. While Tony worked on the improvements of the house, Claire also did her part. 1 F T F 10. Claire’s guests were filled with admiration when they saw her house was completely changed. 11. Claire was very happy to find that Gladys envied her. 12. The company was satisfied with Tony’s report because he had successfully made a woman fall in love with him. T T F 1. Why did Larry bring a robot back home? A. To help his wife. B. To test out the robot. C. To accompany his wife. D. For entertainment. --- 本题旨在帮助大家练习主旨大意归纳能力。 主旨归纳忌讳面面俱到追求理解的彻底完美。 可采用扫读, 跳读(scan, skim)。 For the main idea. B Listen to the text carefully. answer the questions: 2. What kind of robot was Tony? A. an industrial robot B. an entertainment C. a robot that can carries out jobs in the house D. a robot that can carries out jobs in the shop 3. Who did Claire turn to for help when a sales man was rude to her in the shop. A. Tony B. her husband C. The manager of the shop D. Gladys 4. Why did Gladys envy Claire? Because ___________. A. she had a handsome friend B. she was beautiful C. she was rich D. she is powerful For details C A A 5. Why should Tony be rebuilt? Because _______. A. he harms people B. it can not help the housewife in the family C. it is too frightening D. we can not have women falling in love with machines Make inference D 1. Claire’s feelings toward Tony changed as the story developed. Read the story, then fill in the occasions when Claire had these feelings. Comprehending Exercise 1 Occasions Claire… 1 disliked him 2 When he arrived was alarmed 3 felt embarrassed 4 admired him Before he arrived When he offered to help her dress When he offered to help her improve her house and herself Occasions Claire… 5 called him a dear 6 felt his warmth 7 felt being envied 8 cried all night When he helped her with the salesman When she fell off a ladder and caught by Tony When she heard Gladys whispering to another woman that she had never seen anyone so handsome as Tony. She remembered Tony was just a machine. Read the story again and answer the following questions in groups. 1. Why did Tony open the curtains? Exercise 2 He wanted Claire’s guests to see him and Claire together so that she would be envied by women guests. 2. What did Tony do to prevent Claire from being harmed? By making her feel good about herself. He helped her make her and her home elegant so that she would not feel like a failure. 3. Why did Tony have to be rebuilt? Because the company felt that it could not have women falling love with a robot. 5. Claire spent three weeks with Tony in her house. What sentences in the story show that she kept forgetting and then remembering that he was a machine? How absurd, she thought. He was just a machine. He held her firmly in his arms and she felt the warmth of his body. She screamed, pushed him away and ran to her room for the rest of the day. Then she remembered – Tony was just a machines. She shouted “Leave me alone” and ran to her bed. In groups, list Tony’s characteristics that were similar to and those different from those of a human being. Characteristics Similar Different Physical Mental Exercise 3 Characteristics Similar Different Physical Looks like a human being. Body and skin soft and warm. Hair and fingernails realistic. Voice like a human’s. Facial expressions never change. Quicker reactions (She fell off a ladder and even though Tony was in the next room, he managed to catch her in time.) Characteristics Similar Different Mental Able to make suggestions and predictions. Able to make a plan and follow it through. Has good communication skills. Behaviour not appropriate (Tony brought her breakfast and then asked her whether she needed help dressing) Which law is the story “Satisfaction Guaranteed” based on? 2. What might happen in a world where there were robots if Asimov’s three laws did not exist? Discussion 阿西莫夫机器人三大定律: 机器人不得伤害人类,或看到人类受到伤害而袖手旁观; 在不违反第一定律的前提下,机器人必须绝对服从人类给与的任何命令; 在不违反第一定律和第二定律的前提下,机器人必须尽力保护自己。 1. desire v. 1) 渴望;希望(做某事): desire to do sth. 2) 要求某事 3) 要求(请求)某人做某事 desire that…do/should do; desire sb. to do sth. 我请您立即回信。 I desire ____________________ of yours. 我们希望有个好结果。 _____________________________ 去请他进来。__________________________ an immediate answer We desire to have a good result. Please desire him to come in. Language Points 他们要求你马上回来。 They desire ______________________________. that you should come at once desire n. (1) 愿望; 欲望 (2) 要求 (3) 食欲 (4) 向往的东西 他有强烈的求知欲。 He has ____________________________________. a strong desire for knowledge / to learn meet one’s desire have\feel a great desire for at one’s desire 满足某人的欲望 渴望 照某人希望 2. satisfaction n. ( opp. dissatisfaction) 1) 满足; 满意; 舒服 (at; with) 2)令人满意的事物 我听了这个消息非常满意。 I heard the news ____________________________. with great/ much satisfaction satisfy vt. satisfied adj. satisfying adj. satisfactory adj. 满足; 使满足 满意的; 满足的 令人满意的 令人满意的 She smiled with great satisfaction. the satisfactions of doing work 工作的乐趣 v. satisfy It’s not easy to satisfy him. adj. satisfied satisfying 令人满意的 I am satisfied with the result of the exam. The result of the exam is satisfying. adj. satisfactory 满意的/良好的/圆满的 It’s a satisfactory excuse for his absence. express one’s satisfaction at/ with find satisfaction in to sb’s satisfaction/ to the satisfaction of sb. with satisfaction 对……表示满意 对……感到满意 到使某人满意的程度 满意地 3. test out 考验 test vt. examine and measure the qualities 考验; 试验; 测验 The long climb tested (out ) our powers of endurance. 这次长距离爬山考验了我们的耐力。 She tested the whole class on irregular verbs. 她对全班学生进行了不规则动词的测验。 test n. examination or trial of the qualities, 考验; 试验; 测验; 化验 She left her purse on the table as a test of the child’s honesty. She gave the students a test in math yesterday. an eye test 眼睛检查 a blood test 验血 4. alarm n. 警报; 惊慌; 恐慌 火灾引起很大恐慌。 ____________________________ The fire caused much alarm. give/raise/sound the alarm take (the) alarm at a fire alarm a false alarm air alarm water level alarm 发警报; 敲警钟 对……感到吃惊; 火警 虚惊一场 空袭警报 水位警告 alarm vt. 使警觉; 惊动; 使惊慌 不要惊慌 Don’t alarm yourself. be alarmed at (the news) 被(那消息) 吓了一跳. be alarmed for (the safety of …) 放心不下; 担心(……的安全) 完成句子: 1) A small boy saw the smoke and _________________ (发出警报). 2) ________________________ (人人都感到惊恐) the news that war might break out. raised the alarm Everybody was alarmed at 5. smooth adj. 平坦的; 平滑的; 顺利的 路平坦了/困难扫除了。 ______________________ vt. 使……光滑, 平坦或顺利 用熨斗把这件衣服熨平。 ______________________________ smoothly adv. 平稳地; 顺利地 一切进展顺利。 _________________________ The way is now smooth. Smooth this dress with a hot iron. Everything went smoothly. 6. embarrass vt. 使困惑; 使局促不安 销路下降使公司陷于财政困难. The decline of sales _______________________. 在生人面前局促不安 embarrass sb. with sth./ by doing sth. 做……使某人尴尬/害羞/窘迫 不要问隐私, 会让他们觉得不好意思 Don’t _______________________ (by asking) personal questions. embarrassed the company be/ feel embarrassed in the presence of strangers embarrass them with embarrassed adj. 尴尬的, 难堪的, 害羞的 他对我衣服的评论使我很尴尬。 _________________ by his comments about my clothes. embarrassing adj. 使人尴尬的; 令人难堪的 你什么时候最尴尬? What has been your _____________________ _________? I was embarrassed most embarrassing moment 7. sympathy n. 同情; 同感; 同情心 相关短语: express sympathy for 慰问   feel sympathy for, have sympathy for 同情 in sympathy with 同情; 赞成; 跟着; 和……一致 out of sympathy for … have no / some …sympathy with sb /sth 不支持 / 支持某人/ 某事 出于对…的同情 翻译: 我确信她一定赞成你的建议。(in sympathy with) I’m sure she will be in sympathy with your proposal. 我不同意他的意见。(have no sympathy with) I have no sympathy with him. 我同情你。(sympathize) I sympathize with you. 8. pile n. 堆; 摞; 叠 v. 堆起; 堆积 a pile of / piles of = lots of 成堆的/成批的 pile up 增多; 积累; (车辆) 相碰 There were a pile of magazines on the desk . I’ve got piles of work to do this evening . The fallen leaves piled up. 堆积 9. with wonder: 疑惑地 with + n 作状语 with surprise / embarrassment / fear 10. reach for / reach out one’s hand for He reached out his hand for an apple. n. reach within one’s reach out of one’s reach= beyond one’s reach 11. accompany v. 1) to go / stay with I’d like you to accompany me to the supermarket. What accompanies him is always a dog. 2) to exist at the same time 和……一起发生 Lightning usually accompanies thunder. 12. As she turned around, there stood Gladys Claffern. 1) 倒装句: Down came the hammer and out flew the sparks. In rushed the boys! A. 谓语是 go, come, run,等表示位置转移的动词和 be动词, B. 句中有表示方位的副词 there, here, up, down , in, out, away 等, 为强调该副词, 可将副词置于句首, 但要注意: There came the bus! Here he is ! 若主语是名词, 用倒装; 若是代词, 则不倒装。 2) turn around 转身; 回转; 旋转;好转, 有起色 他突然转过身来, 看见了我。 ___________________________________ ______________ All of a sudden he turned around/about and saw me. turn about turn against turn away turn on turn off turn out 转身; 转向; 调向 背叛; 反抗, 使对抗 把(脸)转过去; 抛弃 开(电灯, 收音机, 自来水) 解雇; 关掉; 使失去兴趣 结果是; 证明是; 生产(产品) 13. affair n. 事情/ 暧昧关系/ 私通 pl 业务/ 事务/ 事态 Affairs at present in that country are unsettled. 那个国家当前的局势动荡不安. Big countries don’t try to direct the affairs of other countries. current/foreign/world affairs 时事/外交事务/ 世界事务 affairs of state 国事/ 国务/ 政务 14. declare vt. 宣布; 声明; 表明; 说明; 宣称 1) declare +n. 宣告 他们将很快宣布选举的结果。 _______________________________ _____________ 2) declare+n.+(to be) n./ adj. 宣布……为…… 裁判宣布他为比赛的冠军。 ______________________________ _______________________ They will declare the results of the election soon. The judge declared him (to be) the winner of the competition. 我宣布这次会议开始. __________________________________ 3) declare +(that)从句 宣称; 声称 她宣称她是对的. _______________________________ I declared this conference (to be) open. She declared (that) she was right. declare war on/ upon 对……宣战 declare against 声明反对 declare for (in favour of) 声明赞成 15. more than + n 不仅仅是, 不止 Student Times is more than a newspaper. It helps us to learn English. What he wants is more than money. more than + adj / adv / v 很 / 非常 He is more than scared of cats. more + adj / adv / n / v + than 与其说……, ,不如说…… He is more scared than ill. 他与其说是病了, 倒不如说他是受了惊吓。 16. It was then that Claire realized that Tony had opened the curtains… 强调句 It is / was + 强调部分 + that / who + 其他 It is not where you come from or what you are, but the ability to do the job______ matters. A. one B. that C. what D. it It was after the invention of printing _____to publish large numbers of books and pictures. A. were people able B. that people were able C. when were people able D. people were able B B 17. impress sb with sth impress sth on / upon sb make an impression on sb 这位姑娘既活泼又有幽默感, 给这位男孩留 下了深刻的印象。 The girl impressed the boy with her liveliness and sense of humor. 他的话铭记在我心里。 His words was impressed on me. 他给我留下了深刻的印象。 He made a strong impression on me. 18. envy vt. & n. 忌妒; 羡慕 1) envy+sb.(for sth.) 2) envy sb. sth. 忌妒/羡慕某人某事 我真羡慕您! _________________ 他们羡慕我们的成功. ____________________________ envy sb. doing sth. 羡慕某人做某事 be in envy of one’s success 羡慕某人的成功 envy at / of sth. 对某事物的忌妒/羡慕 How I envy you! They envied us for our success. I don’t envy him his money problems. 我庆幸自己没有他那些金钱的麻烦。 He couldn’t conceal his envy of me. 他遮掩不住对我的忌妒。 Her many talents were the envy of all her friends. 她多才多艺, 所有的朋友都很羡慕她。 归纳拓展: envious adj. be envious of = be jealous of 我羡慕Tom的成功。 I’m envious of / jealous of Tom’s success. I envy Tom’s success. I envy Tom his success. 19. leave…alone 不管; 不打扰; 让……独自待着 不要动我的书。 _____________________ 由我来做吧。 ______________________ Leave my book alone. Leave me alone to do it. leave behind 留下; 忘带; 遗留 leave out 省去; 排除; 遗漏 leave off 停止 leave over 推迟某事; 剩下 20. have …doing = cause sb to do sth 1) 让……做 She had us all laughing at her jokes. I won’t have him cleaning his bike in the kitchen. She won’t have her children sitting down to dinner with dirty hands. 2) 鼓励, 教会, 劝说 I’ll have them all talking in English in the classroom. Whom would you rather ____with your sister? A. have gone B. have to go C. have go D. have going Who did the teacher have ____ an article for the paper just now? A. written B. writing C. write D. to write As you’ve never been there before, I’ll have someone ____ you the way. A. to show B. show C. showing D. showed C C C Remember the characteristics of science fiction. 2. Surf the Internet to learn more about robots and science fictions. 3. Surf the Internet to learn about Isaac Asimov. Homework Thank You!
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