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(共106张PPT) Unit 5 Words and Expressions volcano diagram / graph erupt v. eruption n. crater lava absolutely fantastic volcanic ash 4. ash (un.灰 ) --ashes(灰烬,废墟??ruins ) burn to ashes??烧成灰,化为乌有 cigarette ash??烟灰 1.The house was burnt down to ash. 【改错】 ashes __ 2.Her ash were spread over the sea. ashes骨灰 __ The town was reduced to ashes in the fighting. 6. questionnaire n. 问卷;调查表 【巧记】question--naire.可联想成:question问题,naire耐热。口诀:你耐着天气的热去问问题,叫人填“问卷调查表”。 millionaire百万富翁? 运用:请指出下列句中alongside的词性和意义。 ⑴ The car parked alongside. ⑵ It’s a pleasure to work alongside such men. ⑶ Alongside me was a woman in a black dress. adv 在旁边 (close to the side of sth.) prep 和……一起(together with) prep 在……的旁边(beside,by the side of) 7. alongside 1) prep. with? “和” ; beside “在...旁边” 沿着……的边 2) adv. 在旁边;沿着;靠拢着;并排地 拓展: alongside of 在……旁边,与……并排,,与……相比 alongside with 与……一起, 除…….以外 alongside?prep.在...的旁边,沿着? along(动态)alongside(静态) I took a walk?_________?the river. 我沿着那条河散步。 She parked her car?____________?the road. along alongside pieces of fishing ___________ equipment Your education will equip you with your future life. 注意! equip sb/oneself/sth with sth用…装备 equip sb/sth for sth 1.为…装备; 使为…进行训练或做好准备 provide sb/sth with necessary things for 2.具备 have the necessary ability 【改错】 for __ equipment n.[U]装备,设备,器材 equip sb. for/ to do sth.使某人为…做好准备 9.equipment n.[U]装备,设备,器材 _____________________用…装备起来./使具备 ________________________装备着;具备… __________________装备精良 ________________________使某人具备做某事的条件 equip sb./sth. with sth. be equipped with be well equipped _________________ adj.配备好的,有装备的(过去式和过去分词) _____________vt.?装备; 使具备条件 equip equipped equip sb. for/ to do sth. ______________________一件设备 a piece of equipment 根据括号内的汉语提示完成句子。 (1)Your training will ____________________ . (使你能够胜任将来的工作) (2)Please ___________________ a sharp pencil and a rubber for the exam.(为自己准备) equip you for your future job equip yourself with They appointed me the president of the association. 注意! S+appoint+n./pron.+(to be/as) n./pron. 独一无二的职位不用冠词。 appoint sb head of??任命某人当…主任 【改错】 \ 零冠词 10.appoint vt.任命;委派 He was appointed as this job. 注意! appoint sb to the committee??委托某人为委员会成员 appoint sb to the position of??委派某人担任…职务 appoint sb to the post of??委派某人担任…职务 appoint sb as chairman??任命某人为主席 【改错】 to __ appoint sb. to+岗位(as + 职务) 10.appoint vt.任命;委派 appoint vt.任命;委派 ______________________ adj. 安排的,确定的 ______________________ n. 被委任者 ______________________ n.任命;约会 ____________________________ 任命某人担任某职位 _________________________ 任命某人为…… _________________________ 委派某人做某事 ___________________________ 为……约定时间/地点 _________________________ 约会;约定 _______________________________ 守(失)约 appointment appoint sb. to+岗位 appoint sb. as +职务 appoint sb. to do sth. appoint a time/place for make an appointment keep/break an appointment appointed appointee (1)The president __________ a new director. 总经理任命了一位新主任。 (2)We __________ him (______/______ ______) chairman. 我们选他担任主席。 (3)The teacher __________ me ______ ______ the roll. 老师指派我点名。 appointed appointed as to be appointed to call (4)The time ___________ ______ the meeting was 10:30. 规定的开会时间是10点30分。 (5)I’ve ______ ______ ________ ___________ ______ a client and may not come back for supper. 我和一个客户约了晚上见面,可能不会回来吃晚饭了。 appointed for made an evening appointment with 11. observatory n. 天文台;气象台;观察台 知识拓展 ___________vt. 观察;注意到;遵守;庆祝 ____________n. 观察者;遵守者;评论者 _____________adj. 看得见的,值得注意的 ______________adj. 善于观察的,机警的 _______________n. 观察,注意,观察力, (观察后发生的)议论,意见 _______________n. [u]遵守 [c](对节日的)纪念 observe observer observable observant observation observance 1. _______________?is the best teacher.? 2. He is a man of little?_______________. 3. The professor is an acute_____________. 4. ?Officials from Greenwich?_____________ ?have the clock checked twice a day. 5.The?worker?was?praised?for?his?________?of the?rules. Observation observation observer Observatory observance 11. observe vt. 观察;注意到;遵守;庆祝 ______________________遵守规则 _______________________________庆祝某人的生日 __________________________________看到某人做某事/正在做某事 _______________________说……;评论…… observe a rule observe a person's birthday observe sb. do sth. / doing sth. observe on / upon… observe the speed limit 遵守车速限制 (1) 我们必须遵守交通规则。 We must __________________________ observe the traffic rules. (2) 你们国家的人庆祝圣诞节吗? Do you _______________________in your country? observe Christmas Day 11. observation n. 观察,注意,观察力, (观察后发生的)议论,意见 ____________________________观测 ___________________________________对……提出了宝贵的意见 ________________________受严密监视 _________________________避开某人的注意 take an observation of make valuable observations on be under observation escape one’s observation 1. Did you keep him________________________? 你对他进行监视了吗? 2. The astronomers were taking ___________________________Jupiter. 天文学家们正在观测木星。 3. She is a student of keen_________________. 她是一个观察力敏锐的学生。 4. He made valuable ________________on the prices. 他对物价问题提出了宝贵的意见。 under observation an observation of observation observations 12. database n. 数据库;资料库 ________ n.数据;资料 1. He set up a few ___________to save information. 2. The ________ were collected by various researchers. databases data data 【改错】 注意! data用作单数或复数。 data是datum(数据,资料)的复数形式,但datum现如今都不常使用了,人们习惯用data,即使是表示单数时,也是用one of the?data的表达方式。 These?datas?have?been?collected?from?various?sources.? data __ data n.数据;资料 phenomenon --- phenomena medium---media stadium---stadia or stadiums 13. evaluate vt.评估,评价,估计 [重点用法] _________________n. [C] [U] 评估,评价,评估报告 ________________________评估某人的能力; ___________________________________评估某物的价值/质量 evaluation evaluate one’s ability evaluate the value/quality of sth. 没见过他的工作,我无法评估他的能力。 I cannot __________________ without seeing his work. evaluate his ability They made an intensive _________________the health care program. evaluation of 14. burn...to the ground 全部焚毁…… ________________把……烧成平地,烧光;渐渐烧完,火力减弱 _______________烧起来,旺起来;烧尽,烧毁 ________________烧掉某物 _________________烧光,烧完 _________________逐渐烧完;烧光,烧毁 _________________烧死 burn one's money__________________ burn oneself out______________________ burn one's face in the sun_______________ burn down burn up burn off burn out burn away burn...to death [短语归纳] 把钱挥霍掉 耗尽精力, 精疲力竭 晒黑了脸; (1)The house was ______ ______ ______ ______. 那所房子被彻底焚毁了。 (2)This exercise helps you to ______ ______ fat and tone muscles.这项锻炼有助于消耗脂肪,使肌肉强健。 (3)Half the candle had ______ ______. 那根蜡烛烧掉了一半。 burnt to the ground burn off burnt away 根据汉语提示,补全英语句子。 1) Without the control of his parents, the gambler _____________(将钱挥霍一空)in a week. 2) The fire was _____ _____(烧得更旺了) cheerfully in the grate.?? 3) Rumor has it that the factory ______________ (被大火夷为平地了). burnt his money burning up has been burnt to the ground 4) He was badly injured in the accident, and his hair was__________. burnt off He has no place to live in because his house has been burnt to the ground. After covering 20 miles, I was totally burnt out. Qiu Shaoyun burnt himself to death for our country. 全部焚毁 累垮 把…烧死 burn burned burned burn burnt burnt wave:n 波浪 飘扬 挥手wave one’s hands wave to/at sb 5. absolute adj. 完全的;真实的 absolutely adv. 完全地;绝对地 e.g. It’s an ___________ fact. ----Do you let your kids walk alone at night? ----________________not. You are ____________ right. It’s ___________ impossible. I have _____________ trust in you. There is no __________ standard for beauty. absolute Absolutely absolutely absolutely absolute absolute suit: n 一套外衣;套装 The business suit suits the young lady well. suit: vt 适合;使适宜 suitable: 合适的 suit… to…:使…适合于 fit suit match 大小;形状合适 颜色、花样或款式适合;还指合乎需要、口味、性格、地位 衣服的搭配 The skirt _____ you well, but its color doesn’t _____ you. The tie and coat _______ perfectly. Will the date ____ you? fits suit match suit make one’s way she made her way to her home. 2. We made our way to the shopping mall. 3..so long as you work hard with a strong will, you can make your way in life. way 前往;向…走去(后接to/towards+地点) 成功;有所成就 feel one’s way push one’s way find one’s way wind one’s way fight one’s way feel one’s way: 摸索着前进 push one’s way:挤过;挤进 fight one’s way: 杀出一条血路 wind one’s way: 蜿蜒前进 37 feel one’s way push one’s way find one’s way go one’s way fight one’s way wind one’s /its way lose one’s way 摸索前进 挤过 找到路,设法到达 走自己的路,我行我素 奋勇前进 蜿蜒前进 迷路 她犹豫了一下,但向前走去. She hesitated, but ______________________. 她快速离开房间,朝她床边走去. She hastily left the room ,and _____________ ____________. 你若想要有出息,趁年轻的时候要学会发奋. If you want to __________________________, you must learn to work hard while you are still young. made her way forward made her way to her bed make your way in the world 所有的车辆都得给救火车让路. All the traffic has to __________________ ________. 我将把职务让给更年轻的人. I shall __________________________ . make way for a fire truck make way for younger people Make way for … 为…让路 20. potential n. [U]可能性,潜在性;潜力,潜能 adj.潜在的,可能的(只可作前置定语) potential _____(doing) sth.   ……的可能性/潜在性 realize one's potential______________________ ________________________________有潜力做某事 for have the potential to do sth. 发挥某人的潜能 ③She realized the __________ danger of their situation.她意识到了他们处境的潜在危险。 ①Our common goal is to maximize our _________________________economic growth. 我们的共同目标就是最大程度地发挥经济增长的潜力。 ②All children should be encouraged to ___________________________. 应当鼓励所有的儿童充分发挥他们的潜能。 realize their full potential. potential for potential 21. actual adj. 实在的;实际的(只用作定语 ) actually  adv. 实际上;事实上;竟然(表示惊讶) in fact/as a matter of fact  事实上;实际上 (1)What did he ________ say? (actual) (2)The ______ cost was much higher than we had expected. (actual) (3)—Do you think it’s a good idea to make friends with your students? —________, I do. I think it’s a great idea.(actual) 根据提示完成句子 actually actual  Actually ample? ? ? ? a? ? ? ? 充足的(拿得多,很充足) sample? ? ? ? n? ? ? ? 样品,标本(s[=se分开]+ample→分开拿出→标本) example? ? ? ? n? ? ? ? 样本;榜样(ex出+ ample→拿出来→作为榜样) exemplar? ? ? ? n? ? ? ? 典型;模型(ex出+empl[=ampl]+ar) exemplify? ? ? v? ? ? ? 举例说明(ex+empl+ify) 22. sample n. 样品,样本 sample?v.(取样)? 23. candidate?n. 候选人,申请人 【巧记】can(能够)-did(做的过去式)-ate(吃的过去式), 口诀:"能做能吃"不就成食神大赛"候选人"了吗? 24. threat n.??威胁,?恐吓,?凶兆 _______________v.??威胁,?恐吓,?似将发生 _______________ adj.? 威胁(性)的,? 凶兆的 (动词threaten的现在分词) _______________ adv.? 胁迫地,? 险恶地 threaten threatening threateningly a threat to sth.对…来说都是一种威胁 under threat of??在…的威胁下 threat of drought??干旱的威胁 threaten sb. with sth./ to do sth / that…) 1)He received death _______ from right – wing groups. 2) The hijakers ___________________kill one passenger every hour if their demands were not met. 3) He received a _______________ letter. threats threatened to threatening 25. ?thunderstorm?n.?雷暴 ,雷雨 snowstorm n. 暴风雪 rain heavily 表示雨下得很大 pour v. 灌注, 倾泻, 涌入, 流, 倾盆大雨 The rain is pouring. 倾盆大雨 It's raining cats and dogs. 滂沱大雨 气候 _________ n. 天气 _________ n. 多云的 _________a. 晴朗的 _________a. 下雨的,多雨的 _________a. 下雪的;多雪的 _________ a. 有风的,刮风的 _________ a. 霜 _________ n. 雾 _________ n. 结冰;冻结 _________ v. 温度,体温 _________ n. climate weather cloudy sunny rainy snowy windy temperature frost freeze fog Vocabulary Revision 飓风 ___________ n. 台风 ___________ n. 微风,轻风 ___________ n. 地震 ___________ n. 闪电 ____________ n. 雷声;打雷 ____________ n.& v. 雷雨;雷暴雨 _____________ n. 暴风雪 ____________n. breeze hurricane typhoon earthquake thunderstorm lightning thunder snowstorm 26. precious (adj.) 珍奇的,珍贵的 (adv.)(强调极少太少) precious little / few preciousness (n.) 可贵 1)You’re wasting precious time! 2)There’s precious little to do in this town. 【词语辨析】 precious, valuable 这两个形容词均含“贵重的,有价值的”之意。 1)precious指具有极大价值,无法以金钱衡量,或因本身的品质而具有极大的价值。 2)valuable物品指有相当价值,可高价出售的;非物品指重要的或有用、有益。 【知识运用】 Treasured memories live and grow more________ with time. May those beautiful yesterdays help to ease today's sorrow. A.precious    B.valuable C.expensive D.priceless 答案:A 本题题意:珍爱的记忆与时光同在且日益珍贵,愿那些美好的昨天帮助你减轻今天的悲哀。 precious表示“受珍爱的;受珍惜的”。 priceless adj.无价的,极贵重的,非常有趣的,极荒谬的 ?-ist?? 化学家 ___________ 旅客 ___________ 专家 ___________ ___________?n.小说 a.新颖的? ___________ ___________ ___________ ?n.中篇小说 ___________ ___________ ___________ vt. 使小说化, 编成小说 27. novelist?n.?小说家 novel novelette novelize chemist tourist specialist __________ n. 新奇的事物;新颖 novelty I enjoy reading ⑴ __________ (novel),especially the works of Mark Twain,who was a worldwide ⑵ ____________ (novel). novelist novels 29.uncomfortable (adj.) 感觉不舒服的 (反义) ________________ ________________ (adv.) 不舒服地 (反义) _________________ _____________ (vt.) 安慰,抚慰 (n.) 舒服,安逸,安慰 3) The children are a great ____________ to me. 1) She _______________ herself with the thought that it would soon be spring. 2) They had enough money to live ______________ in their old age. comfortable uncomfortably comfortably comfort comforted in comfort comfort 30. unconscious (adj.)无知觉的,无意识的;未察觉 (反义)_____________ _________________ (adv.) 无意地,不知不觉地 (反义)______________ _________________ (n.) 无知觉状态 (反义)_______________ 清醒状态 3)I can’t remember any more – I must have lost consciousness. 1)They found him lying unconscious on the floor. 2)He was quite unconscious of the danger. be unconscious of sth._______________________ be conscious of doing sth. / that __________________ conscious consciously consciousness unconsciously unconsciousness 不知道--- 意识到,注意到 n. 知觉,观念,看法 31. shoot vt.(shot,shot)射中;射伤 shoot sb./sth.射中某人/某物 shoot at sb. /sth瞄准某人/某物 ?He shot at the rabbit, but didn’t shoot it. 他向那只兔子射击,但没射中。 Zhou Kehua was shot in the head, therefore, he was shot dead at last. 头部中弹 被击毙 母亲向那只狼射击,但是没打中。 My mother shot at the wolf, but missed it. 向…射击 shoot (shot; shot) 选词填空:shoot 或shoot at 填空 He is _________ a bird, and he _______ it. shoot at: 向…射击 shoot: 射中(强调射击的结果) shooting at shots tremble with 因---发抖 tremble at sth. 因听到/看到/想到---而颤抖 ; tremble for sth为---担忧 32. tremble vi. 摇晃;摇动;颤抖 The children waited outside the school, __________________cold. 2. I ___________________ his safety. 3. I'm _______________ the thought of tomorrow's examination. trembling with tremble for trembling at 选词填空(tremble, shake) She __________ at the sight of the snake. Houses _________ as a bomb exploded in the neighborhood. trembled shook 33、sweat n. 汗;汗水; vi. 流汗;出汗 ◆He wiped the _________________ his face. 他擦去脸上的汗。 ◆We _________ in the hot sun. 我们在火辣的太阳下出汗了。 ____________n. 运动衣,套头衫,毛衣 work up a sweat___________________________ get into a sweat about sth. _________________ no sweat_______________________ sweater 因锻炼/辛苦工作而流汗 因某事而紧张害怕 一点也不难,毫不费力 sweat from/off sweated ①Suddenly, the little girl _______________             (因……而害怕) the sight of a mouse under her bed. got into a sweat about ② To get in the wheat before the rain, he _______________.(忙出了一身汗). worked up a sweat ③He finished the task with _________________        (毫不费力地). no sweat anxious: 忧虑的;不安的; 渴望的(对结果感到不安) anxiety: 担心;焦虑;渴望 The college entrance examination is around the corner, the girl feel anxious about the grades of the exam. 为…担心/担忧 be anxious (for sb) to do sth: 渴望某人做某事 The poor kid is anxious for kind people to help him. 34.anxious adj. 令人担心的,忧虑的,焦急的 ___________________ n. 焦虑;担心;渴望 ___________________为某事忧虑、担心 ___________________渴望某事 _______________________渴望……,急于…… ___________________________渴望(某人)做…… ___________________渴望…… anxiety be anxious about be anxious for be anxious to do be anxious (for sb.) to do... be anxious that (1)Helen ______ ________ ______ travelling on her own. 海伦对自己一个人出门旅行感到担心。 (2)Peggy ______ ________ ______ ______ that she can cope with extra responsibility. 佩吉急切地想表明她能承担额外的职责。 (3)Mary has ______ ________ ______ your return. 玛丽急切地盼你回来。 is anxious about is anxious to show been anxious for panic: v 惊慌;惊恐 (panicked; panicked) n 惊慌;恐慌 panic over/at: 因…而惊慌 panic sb into doing sth: 使某人惊慌做某事 人们听到枪声都感到惊慌失措。 H7N9使得农民们惊慌地低价卖鸡。 The crowd panicked over/at the sound of the guns. The H7N9 flu panicked the farmers into selling the chickens at a low price. ____________________ 使某人因惊慌而做某事 ____________ 对……感到惊慌 ____________ 处在恐慌中 ________________ 陷入恐慌 ________________ 处于惊恐状态 35. panic vi.& vt.惊慌;惊恐 n.惊慌;恐慌 提示:panic的过去式、过去分词分别为____________。 panicked,panicked panic sb.into doing sth. panic over/at... be in a panic get into a panic in a state of panic (1)The crowd ran out ______ ______ ______. 群众惊慌失措地跑出去。 (2)She ______ ______ ______ ______ when her teacher walked towards her. 当她见到老师向她走来时,她变得惊慌失措。 (3)The idea might ______ the investors. 这个想法可能会使投资者惶恐不安。 in a panic got into a panic panic 36. glance through 匆匆看一遍 运用:翻译句子。 ⑴ 他草草看了一遍名单。 _____________________ the list of names. ⑵ 她大致浏览了一下报告。 _____________________________________. She glanced through the report He glanced through glance (vi.) 瞥一眼,匆匆一看;浏览 (n.) 一瞥 glance at her watch / around the room / up to see who had come in / through the report take a glance at sth / at first glance glance 1.”I must go”, Julia said , ___________ her watch 2. He often ______________ newspapers during breakfast. 3. The boy is quite handsome _____________. glance at: 匆匆瞥一眼 glance through: 匆匆看一遍;浏览 at first glance: 乍一看;乍看之下 glancing at glances through at first glance 【改错】 注意! My doctor said I should vary in my diet more. \ vary vt. change vary in 在某方面不同 37. vary from…to… 由…到…不等;从…变为… ___________v. 呈现不同 ;改变,变化 ___________ adj.多种多样的,不同的 ___________ n. 1.变化 3.多种多样 ___________ 在某方面不同 ___________ 随……变化 ___________ 使生活丰富多彩 ___________ = ___________ 种种,各种 37. vary from…to… 由…到…不等;从…变为… vary various variety vary in vary with vary one’s life a variety of varieties of change alter diversify = vary between--- and --- (1)People vary very much ______ their ideas.人们在观念方面大不相同。 (2)They never vary ______ the law of nature. 他们从不违反自然规律。 (3)The color of the leaves varies ______ weather. 叶子的颜色随着天气而变化。 (4)These apples vary ______ size ______ small ______ medium.这些苹果由小到中等大小不等。 in from with in from to (5)My husband _______ the vegetables he plants each year.我的丈夫每年都种不同的蔬菜。 varies 38. diverse adj.多种多样的,不同的 ____________n. 变化多样,多样性 (相当variety) ____________v. 使多样化, 作多样性的投资 _______________不同的,多样的 __________adj. 不同的, 各种各样的, 多方面的, 多样的; ___________adj. 不同的 diversity diversify a diversity of various different 用diverse, diversity, diversify填空(单词可重复使用,有的单词也可以不用) 1) There are _______ opinions about it. 2) Hill and woods ________ the landscape. 3) A factory must try to _________ for further development. 4) A great _______ of computers be made in Guangzhou. diverse diversify diversify diversity vary from …to …:由…到…不等 vary in sth 在某方面不同 老师之间的教学方法非常不一样 Teaching methods _____ greatly _____ teacher ___ teacher. 在这个问题上,每个人的观点大不一样。 Opinions on this matter ____ greatly ____ person ___ person. The students’ work varies ____ quantity. vary from to vary from to in n: variety a variety of = varieties of 各种各样的 adj: various 各种各样的 今天全国不同地区都下了雪。 There has been snow today in _________ parts of the country. 我们出售的产品是各式各样的。 The products we sell are many and _________. He doesn’t like the work because it lacks_________. 2) = kind 种类,品种: 这些T恤有各种各样的颜色供挑选. These T-shirts are available in a wide ___________ of colours. various various variety variety 9. diversity=variety 变化多样, 多样性 亚洲的植物形态多种多样. The plants of Asia show a great diversity of forms. (对此)肯定是众说纷纭. There must be a wide diversity of opinions. 39. spectacular adj壮观的, 引人入胜的 精彩、美丽 magnificent adj壮丽,华丽的(仪式,珠宝,建筑) scenic adj风景秀丽的 splendid adj极好的 impressive adj让人印象深刻的 spectacle n. 奇观,景象 spectator n. 旁观者;观众 40. bathe [be??] vi. 洗澡;游泳 【巧记】bath-e.口诀:贝子给澡盆里的鹅“洗澡”。 【对比】 bath?[bɑ?θ] n. 洗澡;浴室;澡盆 【巧记】bat--h.可联想成: bat球拍,h去。口诀:球拍去“洗澡”。 【考点】bathroom [’bɑ:θrum] 浴室 bathing 游泳;洗澡 bathing suit 游泳衣;泳装 arouse vt.1.唤醒,叫醒 2.唤起,激起 awake You aroused my curiosity. 你引起了我的好奇心。 My curiosity arose. arise vi.1.出现,发生 2.由…引起(from) arising ?? 过去式: arose 过去分词: arisen ?? 41. arouse one’s interest/curiosity/anger 激发---的兴趣、好奇心,怒气 42. appreciation n.?? 欣赏,? 感激,? 感谢 have a...appreciation of _______________________ in appreciation of/for____________________________ 1. ______________________________what this means we must turn first to some recent human inventions. 要透彻理解这句话的含义,我们应先回顾人类最近的几项发明。 2. They are mistaken ___________________________the country’s economic conditions. 他们对国家经济形势的判断是错误的。 3. They __________________________________ a joke. 能深刻领会一句笑话的妙处 对……有……的评价 因赞赏……而……;为感谢…… To get a full appreciation of in their appreciation of have a keen appreciation of 43. appreciation n.?? 欣赏,? 感激,? 鉴识,? 评 价,? 增值 ____________________vt.??欣赏,?赏识,?感激,?领 会,?意识到 __________________ adj.?? 有鉴识力的,? 感激的 __________________ adv.?? 感激地 __________________ adj.?? 可感知的,? 可评估 的,? 很可观的 __________________ adv.? 有一点,? 可觉察地 __________________ 喜欢、高兴、感激做某事 appreciate appreciative appreciatively appreciable appreciably appreciate doing sth. appreciate it if/when ___________________ 如果……,我将不胜感激。 1. The singer was quite satisfied with the highly ______________ audience. appreciative 2. It would?be?_______________?of?you if you could send me some relevant information at your earliest convenience.? 3. It will?be?highly _______________ if you?… appreciative appreciated 44. persuasion n. 信服,说服 ____________________________说服某人做某事 =____________________________ ____________________________劝某人不做某事 = ____________________________ ______________adj. 有说服力的,令人信服的 persuade sb to do sth persuade sb into doing sth persuade sb out of doing sth persuasive persuade sb not to do sth (1) It didn’t take much ___________to get her to tell us where he was. (2) She has great powers of____________. (3) ______________evidence (4) He can be very_________________. persuasion persuasion persuasive persuasive 1. I guarantee paying off his debt. 注意! (动词 guarantee(保证)后不接动名词,而接不定式) 【改错】 to pay _____ guarantee to do sth.保证去做某事 45. guarantee n.& vt. 保证;担保 2. The television is less than a year old, so it is still in guarantee. 注意! (be) under guarantee 在保修期内 【改错】 under _ (be) under guarantee在保修期内 48. guarantee n.& vt. 保证;担保 3. South winds in winter are a guarantee to rain in these parts. 介词十大典型错误例析 注意! guarantee of sth./that ……的保证 【改错】 of _ guarantee of sth./that ……的保证 45. guarantee n.& vt. 保证;担保 45. guarantee n.& vt. 保证;担保 【巧记】guar-ant-ee. 口诀:寡人用一只蚂蚁,两只鹅做担保向你“保证”。 【考点】 _______________________________保证某人免受损害、危险等 ___________________________保证去做某事 ___________________________向某人担保/保证某 _____________________从句 _____________________________必定做某事 ______________________________向某人担保…… ___________________________在保修期内 _________________________ ……的保证; guarantee sb. against/from... guarantee to do sth. guarantee sth. to sb. guarantee that be guaranteed to do sth. give sb. a guarantee that... (be) under guarantee guarantee of sth./that 保证书 guarantor n. 担保人,保证人 (1)We can’t _________ the punctual arrival of trains in foggy weather. 我们不能保证火车在雾天准时到达。 (2)We _________ ______ ______ within a week. 我们保证一周内送到。 (3)I _________ ______ I’ll pay off the debt. 我保证我会还清债务。 guarantee guarantee to deliver that guarantee (4)The watch comes ______ ______ ________ __________. 这表保修一年。 (5)Wealth is ______ __________ ______ happiness. 财富并不是幸福的保证。 with a year’s guarantee no guarantee of 【典句】许多店主对顾客保证满意。 Many shopkeepers _______ _______ ______customers. This computer has a_____ _____________(保修两年) . guarantee satisfaction to two-year guarantee guarantee非常重要 give sb a guarantee that…: 向某人保证 be under guarantee: 在保修期内 你能向我保证以后考试不再作弊吗? Can you give me a guarantee that you will not cheat in the exam? This camera has a two-year ________(保修期). Now it’s still ____________(在保修期内) guarantee under guarantee guarantee: vt 担保;保证 This kind of behavior is guaranteed to make her angry. We guarantee to replace the broken door free of charge. We will guarantee that we will replace the broken door free of charge. 保证… 保证做某事 必定会做某事 1. When I bought this watch, I was given a year's______. A. assurance B. insurance C. guarantee D. safety . 2. Buying a train ticket two days ahead of time will usually ____ you a good seat. A. get B. gather C. guarantee D. make C C 96 97 This picture is rather ______________ and I am _______________at the fantastic imagination of the painter, which leaves a deep __________on me on the whole. impress sb with… ; (Sth)leave/make a …impression on sb; impressive ; (Sb)have a …impression of …. My father impresses on me the value of hard work. =make sb understand/realize … impress –impressive---impression impressive impressed impression 98 I am still amazed at their beauty as well as their potential to cause great damage. potential: 1) n. the inherent ability or capacity for growth, development, or coming into being 潜力,潜能 The new invention has an enormous sales potential. He is a young player with great potential. 他是一个潜力很大的年轻选手。 2) adj. capable of being but not yet in existence; latent: 潜在的,潜伏的 a potential problem 潜在的问题 Many potential customers are waiting for a fall in price before buying. 99 Retell the reading with the following words! Part One: His job ----- volcanologist, evaluate, unfortunate(ly), excite/exciting/excited, bore/boring/bored burn …..to the ground Part Two: His first experience ----- eruption, Hawaii, be about to …when…, absolutely, fantastic, make one’s way Part There: His attitude ----- be enthusiastic about, be amazed at 100 Exercises 他离家出游,找寻刺激和冒险的生活。 He left home to travel, hoping for excitement and adventure. 这栋老房子被烧毁了。 The old house was burnt to the ground. 她有做歌手的潜质。 She has the potential to be a singer. 101 老师对每个学生的表现作了评价。 The teacher evaluated the performance of each student. 你完全正确。 You are absolutely right. 足球赛后城里爆发了好几次暴力事件。 Violence erupted in the city after the football match. 1. People who do not smoke have less _______ of suffering from lung cancer than those who do so. A. potential B. cause C. hope D. choice 2. —People should stop using their cars and start using public transport. ?? — _____ . The roads are too crowded as it is. ?A. All right???B. Absolutely C. Go ahead??? D. Fine 3. The hopes, goals, fears and desires _______ widely between man and women, between the rich and the poor. A. alter B. transfer C. transform D. vary 4. The fire last night was so serious that the whole building was burnt ____the ground. to B. on C. at D. in 5. Cleverness is not always a ________ of high grades in exams. You’d better learn knowledge carefully and practice more. A.result B.Record C.guarantee D.reaction A B D A C bore I am _______ with the same old routine day after day. The book is _________. I am sorry I spoke for so long. I hope I didn’t _______ you. My father is always _________ us with his stories about the war. bored boring bore boring bore sb. to death 使某人厌烦得要命 104 The little pig feels b_______with this b________ book, that is to say, the book b________the pig absolutely and it wants to get rid of this b____________. bored boring bores boredom v.使… adj. 令人… adj. (人)感到… n. excite exciting excited excitement amazed amaze amazing amazement tired tire tiring tiredness Mr Smith, _________(amaze) at the __________(excite) sights, is absolutely _____________(satisfy) with this trip. amazed exciting satisfied 105 the Budala Palace in the distance at a distance 106 It is good. It is beautiful. It is the most beautiful I have ever seen. I am amazed at this absolutely fantastic palace. absolutely adv. =completely It’s an absolute fact. absolutely right 十分对,对极了,当然 (口语,作为对一问题的回答或评语) -你让你的孩子晚上单独行走吗? -当然不是。 -Do you let your kids walk alone at night? -Absolutely not.
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