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(共12张PPT) Unit 2 Working the land Words and expressions(2) 人教版 高一 第四册 新知讲解 原句重现 重点解析 归纳拓展 表原因的常见短语: because of, due to, owing to, on account of, as a result of 1.thanks to 幸亏,由于,因为 Thanks to his research, the UN has more tools in the battle to rid the world of hunger. 多亏了他的研究,联合国在消除世界饥饿的战斗中又多了些方法。 新知讲解 实例分析 ①The accident was due to his careless driving. 事故是由于他的粗心驾驶造成的。 ②As a result of the bad weather,the football match was put off. 由于天气不好,足球比赛推迟了。 新知讲解 原句重现 重点解析 归纳拓展 Thanks to his research, the UN has more tools in the battle to rid the world of hunger. 多亏了他的研究,联合国在消除世界饥饿的战斗中又多了些方法。 2. rid...of...(使)……摆脱或除去 (1)get rid of 摆脱;除掉;去掉 (2)rid oneself of debt 还清债务 (3)用于“动词+sb.+of+sth.” 常见短语还有: rob sb.of sth. 抢劫某人某物 remind sb.of sth. 使某人想起某事 inform sb.of sth. 通知某人某事 warn sb.of sth. 警告某人某事 新知讲解 实例分析 1.He hopes to get rid of his bad habits. 他希望改掉他的坏习惯。 2.I warned him of a storm at the sea. 我提醒他注意海上有暴风雨。 3.She finally rid herselfof debt after ten years' hard work. 经过十年的艰辛劳作她终于还清了债务。 新知讲解 原句重现 重点解析 归纳拓展 Yuan Longping is quite satisfied with his life. 袁隆平很满意他的生活。 3. be satisfied with对……感到满意 (1)satisfaction n. 满意;满足 to one's satisfaction 使某人满意的是 with satisfaction 满意地 express one's satisfaction with 对……表示满意 (2)satisfied adj. 满意的,满足的 be satisfied to do sth. 对做某事感到满意 satisfying adj. 令人满意的 satisfactory adj. 令人满意的 新知讲解 实例分析 ①To her satisfaction,they dealt with the matter soon. 令她满意的是,他们很快就处理了此事。 ②He was satisfied to win the race. 他对赢得比赛感到满意。 ③We got a satisfying reply. 我们得到了一个令人满意的答复。 新知讲解 原句重现 重点解析 归纳拓展 4. Would rather 宁愿;宁可 He would much rather keep time for his hobbies. 他宁愿把时间在自己的爱好上。 (1)宁可(愿)做……而不愿做…… Would rather...than ... 过去式(现在或将来的愿望) (2)would rather+从句 过去完成式(过去未实现的愿望) (3)would rather have done 本来想……(而未实现) 新知讲解 实例分析 ①I would rather watch TV at home than go to see a film in a cinema. 我宁愿在家看电视也不愿去电影院看电影。 ②—Do you mind if I smoke? ——你介意我抽烟吗? —Well. I'd rather (that) you didn't. ——嗯,最好别抽。 ③I would rather I had_met him yesterday. 要是我昨天见到他就好了。 巩固练习 短语集训 Ⅱ.选词填空 1.The little boy _______________ progress in math which is poor compared to other subjects. 2.I ______ not _______________ your work,you must improve it. 3.Nowadays many teenagers ____________ get advice from strangers online. 4.We've collected $50,000 for the poor,__________the generosity of the public. 5.He is trying to ______ himself ____ a dependence on drugs. expand into;thanks to;rid...of...;be satisfied with;would rather;equip...with;have a hunger for... has a hunger for am satisfied with would rather thanks to rid of 课堂小结 短语 知识回顾 1. thanks to 幸亏,由于,因为 2. rid...of...(使)……摆脱或除去 3. be satisfied with对……感到满意 4. would rather 宁愿;宁可 谢谢 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) 中小学教育资源网站 有大把高质量资料?一线教师?一线教研员? 欢迎加入21世纪教育网教师合作团队!!月薪过万不是梦!! 详情请看: https://www.21cnjy.com/help/help_extract.php
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