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(共12张PPT) Unit 2 Working the land Grammar(2) 人教版 高一 第四册 新知讲解 动词ing形式做宾语 新知讲解 动词-ing 形式作宾语 动词ing S. + vt.+ doing 避免错过 (少) 延期 avoid, miss, delay / postpone 建议完成 (多) 练习 suggest / advise, finish, practise 喜欢想象禁不住 enjoy/appreciate, imagine/fancy, resist/can’t help 承认 否定 (与) 嫉妒 admit , deny, envy 逃脱 冒险 (莫) 原谅 escape, risk , pardon / excuse, forgive 忍受 保持 (不) 在意 stand , keep, mind 新知讲解 作介词的宾语 动词ing look forward to / be used to devote to / object to / stick to lead to / get down to put off give up S. + keep on + doing succeed in feel like have trouble/difficulty/problems (in) 新知讲解 作介词的宾语 动词ing 1) She sat there without speaking. 2) I look forward to seeing him again. 3) Are you used to living there alone? 4) I don’t feel like going to see the film. 5) He was busy preparing his lessons. 新知讲解 动词ing 某些词后可加不定式也可加动名词,意义截然不同 go on to do (做完一件事后)接着做另一件事 go on doing 继续做(原来做的事) remember to do 记着要做 (动作未发生) remember doing 记得做过(动作已发生) I remembered to post the letter. I remembered posting/having posted the letter. 我要记住把信寄出去。(未寄) 我记得把信寄出去。 (已寄) 新知讲解 动词ing 某些词后可加不定式也可加动名词,意义截然不同 forget to do 忘了去做 (没做) forget doing/having done 忘记以前曾做过 (做过忘了) I forgot to post the letter. I forgot posting/having posted the letter. 我忘了去寄信。(没寄) 我忘了曾寄过信了。(寄了,但忘了) 新知讲解 动词ing 某些词后可加不定式也可加动名词,意义截然不同 regret to do 遗憾地… (对将要做的事抱歉) regret doing/having done 后悔做了… (对已经发生的事感到后悔) mean to do 打算做(主语一般是人) mean doing 意味着(主语一般是物) try to do 设法 /尽力/努力去做 try doing 尝试着去做(看有何结果) 新知讲解 动词ing 某些词后可加不定式也可加动名词,意义截然不同 can’t help (to) do 不能帮助做 can’t help doing 禁(忍)不住做 stop to do 停下来做(另一件事) stop doing 停止做(原来做的事) be used to do 被用来做 be used to doing 习惯于/适应于 巩固练习 Ⅱ.单句改错 1.It is no use to complain without taking caution. ________________________________________________ 2.Please remember giving my best regards to your family. ________________________________________________ 3.The boy was luck to escape punished. ________________________________________________ 4.We are looking forward to finish the exam. ________________________________________________ to complain→complaining giving→to give escape后加being finish→finishing 课堂小结 动词ing形式做宾语 1 谢谢 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) 中小学教育资源网站 有大把高质量资料?一线教师?一线教研员? 欢迎加入21世纪教育网教师合作团队!!月薪过万不是梦!! 详情请看: https://www.21cnjy.com/help/help_extract.php
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