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1. Knowledge and skill :To learn the text in this unit and improve students` reading ability.
2. Procedure and methods: group work and discussion
3. Emotion, attitude and value: to learn the best qualities of the great men and women.
1. Find out the main idea of the text and master the useful reading skills.
2. Can tell the main idea of the text and finish the exercises.
【课前预习】 自学完成下面习题:
设计意图: Learn some words and expression to understand the text better.
1.pioneer________ 2.循环,流传v. 3.agricultural_____________
4.饥饿;欲望__________ 5.毕业于___________ 6.search for_____________
7.幸亏;由于_________ 8.output n._____________ 9. expand v.____________ _
10.build______逐渐增强 11.lead ______ 导致 12. focus on_______________
13. keep free_____远离 14. prevent ____阻止… 15.comment on _____________
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