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Unit 5 Music
Section I Warming up and Reading
I. 词义配对
1. millionaire A. a person whose job is to play or write music
2. form B. easy to recognize
3. familiar C. to start to exist or come into being
4. passer-by D. a tool or a machine used in work or to make music…
5. broadcast E. a person who is very rich or has at least a million pounds or dollars
6. pretend F. to connect something with another
7. musician G. a room where TV and radio programs are made, or a painter or
a photographer works
8. studio H. to send out radio or television programs
9. attach I. to make believe or to imagine something is real as in a game
10.instrument J. a person going past
1. 说实在的;实话说 _______________________________________
2. 梦见;梦想 _______________________________________
3. 分裂;解体;打碎 _______________________________________
4. 开……的玩笑;戏弄 ______________________________________
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