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Unit 1?Cultural relics单元测试题1
第二部分: 阅读理解 (共两节,满分40分)
Jamie Oliver, a lively British guy, loves to share his secrets. In his first television show, The Naked Chef, Oliver taught everyone to make simple but delicious food. In Jamie’s Kitchen, he taught young people how to prepare meals. His next show, Jamie’s School Dinners, is about changing the food that students eat.
Oliver saw that some schools in Britain were serving junk food — food that is easy to eat but unhealthy. Although it can be delicious, junk food is not very good for children. It is sometimes bad for their health, because it doesn’t give them the energy they need at school. They sometimes can’t think well or feel down, and they sometimes put on weight.
Some of the junk food that Oliver wants to change is canned spaghetti, chicken nuggets, French fries, soda, and muffins. He encourages schools to serve fresh and healthy meats, vegetables, and fruits. He helps the school cooks to make healthy dinners without junk food.
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