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Unit 1 Cultural relics Using Language Ⅰ单词拼写 1.We had a long ________(辩论) as to whether we should spend so much money on space technology. 2.On the day of the Lantern Festival, Jia Zheng's mother led all members of her family to wait by the main ________(入口) to the garden. 3.Students should pay attention to the differences between formal and ________(非正式的) words when they are learning a foreign language. 4.The terrorists ________(爆炸) a bomb in a supermarket, killing five persons. 5.A ________(海员) was the career he dreamed of when he was a child. 6.It seems to be another example of the central government saying one thing and the l________ government doing another. 7.So far no one has given us any explanation about the matter and it is still a m________ to me. 8.The lawyer collected important facts from a lot of e________. Ⅱ短语填空 1.I haven't seen my uncle for such a long time that I have forgotten what he __________(样子)! 2.To tell the truth, I don't ____________(同意)him on that point although he might be right. 3.I worked like a dog for the company and got nothing ____________(回报).That's why I left after working there for a couple of years. 4.The book ________________________(受到高度赞扬) when it came out last year. 5.________________________(使老师感到惊讶的是), no students in this class wanted to volunteer for the position of monitor. 6.We will have the meeting in the classroom ____________(而不是) in the great hall. Ⅲ句型训练 1.有一些迹象表明经济正在改善。(There is evidence that…) ____________________________ the economy is improving. 2.事实已经证明,儿童时期吃蔬菜有助于保护以后免受严重疾病的困扰。(it作形式主语) ____________________________ eating vegetables in childhood helps to protect you against serious illnesses in later life. 3.一旦真的发生火灾, 许多人不知道该做什么。(疑问词+不定式) Many people are at a loss as to ______________ in case of a real fire. 4.特丝,在你告诉我之前,对于所发生的事情我一点儿也不知道。(介词+宾语从句) Tess, I had no idea ________________________ till you told me. 5.如果你本周末做完作业后去看电影,我也跟你一样。(so引导的倒装句型) If you go to the cinema after finishing your homework at this weekend, so ____________. Ⅳ在空白处填入适当的内容(1个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式 1.I don't know why Betty quarrelled with her sister, in fact, ________ do I want to care about their family business. 2.One of the young man's paintings has been _ (high) thought of by some experts of the art field.             3.Although the entrance ________ the cave was very narrow, those visitors managed to squeeze through it. 4.As we all know,cultural relics are so valuable __ we should protect them from being damaged. 5.The thief who stole a lot of cars last year will be ________ trial next week. 6.Why are you so well dressed?It's just an ________(formal) party. 7.One Friday,we were packing to leave for a weekend away ________ my daughter heard cries for help. 8.A week later I decided to go and see ________ myself what on earth had happened to him. 9.Among the many dangers which _______(sail) have to face, probably the greatest of all is fog. 10.Believe it or not, the man you had been thinking highly of ________(prove) dishonest. Ⅴ语法填空 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 Strange things happened 1.________ Tang?shan Earthquake happened.The well walls had deep cracks.A 2.________(smell) gas came out of 3.________. The water pipes cracked and burst.At 3∶42 4.________ the morning of July 28, 1976, everything began to shake.It seemed as if the world was at an end.Steam burst from the holes in the ground.Hard hills of rocks became rivers of dirt.Soon the whole city lay in 5.________(ruin).Many people died or were 6.________(injury).Everything in the city was 7.________(destroy).People were 8.________(shock) at this and wondered how long the disaster would last.The army organized teams to dig out those 9.________ were trapped and to bury the dead.Workers built 10.________(shelter) for survivors.Fresh water was taken to the city.Slowly the city began to breathe again. Ⅵ阅读理解 Petra is the treasure of the world, hidden among mountains.Its most beautiful scenery makes it the greatest ancient site still standing nowadays.Common sense says, “Perhaps there is nothing on the planet that resembles it.” Without doubt, there is nothing in the world that resembles it.The rock?carved rose?red city of Petra is full of mysterious__charm;__it had been “designed to strike wonder into all who enter it”. Petra is the most well?known and beautiful site in Jordan that is about 262km south of Amman, and 133km north of Aqaba.The Dead Sea is 80km north of it.It was the legacy from the Nabataeans, who settled in the south?west of Jordan a lot more than 2,000 years back.Because of its excellent culture, buildings and many water channels, Petra has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World that attract visitors from all over the world. To get there, you must pass through a kilometre long, cool, dark and narrow gorge(峡谷) whose two high sides keep the sunlight out.Suddenly the gorge opens right into a natural square covered with Petra's most well?known monuments, which glow in the bright sun.The old town shows the visitors its beautiful look.It leads people to think about the creativity of the Nabataeans who made Petra as their capital. Petra flourished for more than 400 years at about the time of Rome and Christ, until it was occupied by the Roman legions of the Emperor Trajan in 106 AD.             Petra has 800 monuments, including buildings, tombs, baths, halls, temples and streets, which were mostly carved in the pretty sandstone. Petra's sights are at their best in early morning and late afternoon.Once the sun warms the colourful stones, you will see the greatness of Petra. It was seen first when discovered in 1812 after being lost through the 16th century for nearly 300 years! 1.From the text we can learn that ________. A.Petra is on the top of a high mountain B.Petra is a palace of the king in the old days C.no place in the world can be similar to Petra D.the Nabataeans built Petra in 106 AD 2.What does the underlined phrase “mysterious charm” in Paragraph 1 mean? A.The unbelievable power to attract people. B.All kinds of visitors from the world. C.A number of usual places of interest. D.The shops, restaurants and hotels. 3.According to the writer, Petra is ________. A.about 133km south of Aqaba B.about 262km north of Amman C.80km south of the Dead Sea D.in the south?east of Jordan 4.Visitors' reaching Petra ________. A.must be disappointed B.must be very convenient C.must be very comfortable D.may not be very easy Ⅶ阅读七选五 根据短文内容, 从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。 A good book can be satisfying.If reading is a habit you'd like to get into, there are some ways to develop it. Realize that reading is enjoyable if you have a good book.If you have a difficult book and you are forcing yourself through it, it will seem like a task. __1__ Set time.You should have some time during every day when you'll read for at least 5 to 10 minutes. __2__ For example, make it a habit to read during breakfast and lunch and even dinner if you eat alone. Always carry a book. __3__ When I leave the house, I always make sure to have my car keys and one book at hand.The book stays with me in the car, and I take it into the office and to appointments and pretty much everywhere I go. __4__ Find a place in your home where you can sit in a comfortable chair.Don't lie down unless you're going to sleep.There shouldn't be a television or a computer near the chair, and no music or noisy family members.If you don't have a place like this, create one. Reduce time on televisions/the Internet.If you really want to read more, try cutting back on time on TV or the Internet. __5__ But remember: every minute you reduce on the Internet/TV, you could use for reading.This could create hours of book reading time. A.Wherever you go, take a book with you. B.Go to bookstores. C.Have some good tea or coffee while you read. D.Find a quiet place. E.This may be difficult for some people. F.If this happens, give up the book and find another one that you'll really love. G.It means you will read no matter how busy you are.             Ⅷ完形填空 He was driving home one cold evening on a country road when he saw an old lady, stranded on the side of the road.He stopped to give her a __1__.“Why don't you wait in the car where it is warm, madam? It won't take me long,” he said, “__2__, my name is Joe.” She had a flat tyre.Joe crawled under the car and changed the tyre.But he got dirty and his hands hurt.She couldn't thank him __3__ and asked him how much she __4__ him.He told her that if she really wanted to __5__ him back, the next time she saw someone in __6__ of help, she could give that person the __7__ he needed, and Joe added, “And think of me.” She drove off with __8__.A few miles down the road the lady saw a small __9__.She went in.The waitress, who was nearly eight months pregnant, __10__ her with a sweet smile.The old lady __11__ how someone like her who seemed so poor could be so genuinely happy and how she could __12__ her enthusiasm in her work in such inconvenient conditions.Then Joe's words __13__ her.After the lady finished her meal, the waitress went to get her __14__ from a hundred?dollar bill.__15__, the lady stepped right out of the door. When the waitress came back, she noticed a note on the table, __16__ “I'm helping you because someone once helped me.If you really want to pay me back, here is __17__ you can do—do not let the chain of love __18__ with you.” The waitress went home that night with the __19__ tip and what the lady had written.With the baby __20__ next month, she and her husband needed money.She knew how worried her husband was and as he lay sleeping next to her, she whispered, “Everything's going to be all right.I love you, Joe.” 1.A.surprise B.hand C.sympathy D.glance 2.A.in the way B.by the means C.for one thing D.by the way 3.A.enough B.right C.hard D.extra 4.A.charged B.provided C.owed D.offered 5.A.pay B.get C.look D.hold 6.A.memory B.favour C.need D.possession 7.A.guidance B.assistance C.acquaintance D.consequence 8.A.gratefulness B.satisfaction C.delight D.happiness 9.A.bank B.grocery C.gas station D.restaurant 10.A.introduced B.greeted C.identified D.spotted 11.A.thought B.suspected C.wondered D.questioned 12.A.contain B.own C.remain D.maintain 13.A.struck B.moved C.impressed D.reminded 14.A.tip B.change C.order D.service 15.A.Moreover B.Otherwise C.However D.Eventually 16.A.writing B.showing C.reading D.saying 17.A.how B.which C.what D.when 18.A.combine B.end C.start D.connect 19.A.honest B.generous C.modest D.graceful 20.A.due B.ready C.born D.likely 参考答案Answer: Using Language Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.debate 2.entrance 3.informal 4.exploded  5.sailor 6.local 7.mystery 8.evidence Ⅱ.短语填空 1.looks like 2.agree with 3.in return  4.was highly thought of 5.To the teacher's surprise 6.rather than Ⅲ.句型训练 1.There is some evidence that 2.It has been proved that 3.what to do 4.of what had happened  5.will/shall I Ⅳ.在空白处填入适当的内容(1个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式 1.neither/nor 2.highly 3.to 4.that  5.on 6.informal 7.when 8.for  9.sailors 10.proved Ⅴ.语法填空 1.before 考查连词。根据下文所描述的地震之前发生的一些奇怪的事情可推知此处要填before。 2.smelly 考查形容词。根据后面的名词可推知此处要用形容词修饰,故填smelly。 3.them 考查代词。此处指代前面的deep cracks,又因作介词of的宾语,故用代词宾格them。 4.on 考查介词。在具体的日期前的介词要用on。 5.ruins 考查固定搭配。固定搭配in ruins表示“成为废墟”。 6.injured 考查形容词。根据空格前的系动词were可知此处要用injury的形容词injured作表语。 7.destroyed 考查被动语态。根据句子的主语everything与destroy之间的关系可知此处要用被动语态。 8.shocked 考查形容词。根据空格前的系动词were可知此处要用shock的形容词shocked作表语。 9.who 考查定语从句。先行词those指人且在从句中作主语,故需要用关系代词who。 10.shelters 考查名词复数。shelter作“收容所,避难所”讲时,是可数名词,所以此处要用复数形式表示“(多处)避难所”。 Ⅵ.阅读理解 【文章大意】 约旦的佩特拉古城被联合国教科文组织列为世界遗产,它是新的世界七大奇迹之一。它隐藏在深谷中,参观它的人能领略到它那令人惊叹的美。 1.C 细节理解题。根据第一段的“…‘Perhaps there is nothing on the planet that resembles it.’”可确定C项正确。  2.A 词义猜测题。根据后文可猜出该处意为“令人难以置信的魅力”。 3.C 细节理解题。根据第二段的“The Dead Sea is 80km north of it.”可知,佩特拉在死海南边80千米的地方。 4.D 推理判断题。根据第三段的首句可判断出到达佩特拉的路不好走。故选D。 Ⅶ.阅读七选五 【文章大意】 本文是一篇说明文。本文就如何养成良好的阅读习惯提出了一些建议。 1.F 根据本段“Realize that reading is enjoyable if you have a good book. If you have a difficult book and you are forcing yourself through it, it will seem like a task.”可知,如果你对一本书不感兴趣就应该放弃它,找另外一本你喜欢的,故选F项。 2.G 根据本段最后一句“For example, make it a habit to read during breakfast and lunch and even dinner if you eat alone.”可知,这意味着不管你多么忙,你都要阅读,故选G项。 3.A 根据“Always carry a book.”可知选A项。 4.D 根据“Find a place in your home where you can sit in a comfortable chair.”和“There shouldn't be a television or a computer near the chair, and no music or noisy family members.”可知,要找一个安静的地方,故选D项。 5.E 根据“If you really want to read more, try cutting back on time on TV or the Internet.”可知,这可能对某些人来说很难,故选E项。 Ⅷ.完形填空 【文章大意】 本文是一篇记叙文。乔在开车回家的时候看见一位老太太滞留在路边,他帮助老太太换了轮胎,当那位老太太给他钱的时候,他不求回报,要求她也去帮助那些需要帮助的人。老太太在餐馆吃饭时,没有要找回的零钱,帮助了怀孕8个月的女服务员,并留下纸条,让女服务员把爱心传递下去。 1.B 前面说那位老太太滞留在路边,从下文乔给老太太换轮胎可知,乔停下来帮老太太的忙。give sb a hand帮助某人。 2.D by the means用这种方法;in the way挡着……的路;for one thing一方面;by the way顺便问一下,捎带说一声。 3.A 根据语境可知,乔给老太太换轮胎,弄得很脏并伤了手,老太太十分感激。couldn't thank him enough表示“再怎么感谢他也不为过”。 4.C 老太太问该给他多少钱。乔帮助了老太太,所以老太太觉得应该给他钱,而不是向他收费,也不是提供什么。charge要价,收费;provide提供;owe欠,应给予;offer主动提供。 5.A 乔告诉老太太,如果她真的想报答他,下次她看见有人需要帮忙的时候,就去帮助那个人。pay sb back偿还,报答(某人)。 6.C in need of需要;in memory of纪念;in favour of赞同;in possession of拥有。 7.B 根据语境可知,是说给那些需要帮助的人提供帮助(assistance)。guidance指导;acquaintance熟人,相识;consequence结果。 8.A 乔帮助了她,又没有要钱,所以老太太心怀感激(gratefulness) 地走了。satisfaction满意;delight高兴;happiness幸福。 9.D 从下文的waitress可知,是餐馆(restaurant)而不是银行(bank)、食品杂货店(grocery)和加油站(gas station)。 10.B 那位怀孕的女服务员面带微笑地接待(greet)老太太。introduce介绍;identify认出;spot看出。 11.C 老太太想知道像她这样看起来很穷的人怎么能如此地开心。think想,认为;suspect怀疑;wonder想知道;question质问。 12.D 这位服务员在怀孕的情况下,在工作中还保持着那份热情。contain含有;own拥有;remain意为“保持”,后跟形容词作表语;maintain意为“保持”,可跟名词作宾语。 13.A 老太太突然想起了乔的话。strike突然想到,一下子想起;move感动;impress给人留下印象;remind提醒。 14.B 从下文的from a hundred?dollar bill可知应该是找零钱。tip小费;change零钱;order命令;service服务。 15.C 从下文的“…the lady stepped right out of the door.”看出,前后句是转折的关系。在服务员找零钱的时候,老太太已经出了门。moreover而且;otherwise否则;however然而;eventually最终。 16.D 表示纸条上“写道”用say而不是write。 17.C 此处what引导表语从句,并在从句中作do的宾语。 18.B 别让这爱心之链在你这里结束(end)。combine联合;start开始;connect连接,联合。 19.B 那位孕妇拿着丰厚的(generous)小费回到家。honest诚实的;modest谦虚的;graceful优雅的。 20.A 下个月是预产期。due预期的;ready准备好的;born出生的;likely可能的。根据语境可知选A。
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