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Unit 5 Nelson Mandela -a modern hero
黑龙江省哈尔滨市 邱尚瑛
学案与同步练习 Unit 5-6
Listening speaking & writing
I. Recall and retell what you heard in the listening and reading parts. Then finish the following sentences.
1. Elias’ story is about __________________ and out of prison. _________________ left the afraid memories to Elias.
2. In the prison, Elias met Nelson Mandela who help him ____________________. Elias studied and worked very hard in prison. However, at first ____________________ to study for the degree.
3. After Elias ____________________, he found a job working in an office, but the police ____________________.
4. Elias lost his job and ____________________ for twenty years. His family had to beg for food and help ____________________ to make their living.
5. He began to have a new job when Nelson Mandela and the ANC ____________________. His new job is ____________________ on Robben Island.
6. But he didn’t like the new job at first because when he talk to a group, all the terror and fear of things ___________________, he remembered ___________________ and his friends who died in the prison.
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