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Unit 4 单元测试题
He has a bright idea.
Avery Hairston is lighting up people’s lives. The 15-year-old from?New York City?created an organization called RelightNY. It helps people who have difficulty in paying their electricity bills by giving them special light bulbs (灯泡), which cut long-term electricity costs. They are also better for the environment than common bulbs. “People who can afford the bulbs, which are a bit expensive, should buy them,” Avery insists.
He is very interested in recycling?(回收再利用).
Eli Kahn, 15, started Cartridges for a Cure to raise money for children’s cancer (癌症) research by recycling empty ink cartridges (墨盒). Eli has raised $82,000 for Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.?“With a little time and work, anything can get bigger,”?Eli says.
She makes water safe to drink.
Kelydra Welcker, 17, has been trying her best to make drinking water safer. She invented an easy way to get the chemical C8 out of her West Virginia town’s water supply (供应). C8 went into the water from a nearby industrial factory.?“Clean water should be a given,” Kelydra explains. “We all should have it.”
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