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Unit 2 English around the world
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学案与同步练习 Unit 2-5 Using language
I. Read the passage first, then close your book and fill in the blanks.
1. ____________, there is no such thing as ____________.
2. However, on ___________ you will hear ____________ people speak.
3. When people use ____________ different from the “standard language”, it ____________.
4. Geography also ____________. Some people who live in the mountains of the eastern USA speak with an older kind of ____________.
5. So people ____________ in the southeastern USA speak with almost ____________ people in the northwestern USA.
1. Believe it or not; standard English
2. TV and radio; differences in the way
3. words and expressions; is called a dialect
4. plays a part in making dialects; English dialect
5. from the mountain ; the same dialect as
II. Finish the chart according to the phonetics given, don’t look at your textbook.
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