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Unit 1 Friendship
黑龙江省哈尔滨市 邱尚瑛
学案与同步练习 Unit 1-3 Reading (2)
I. Recall and retell the passage of Anne’ Best Friend, then finish the following sentences without looking at your book.
1. Do you want a friend ____________ everything to, ____________ and thoughts
2. Are you ___________ would laugh at you, or ____________ what you are going through
3. Anne Frank ____________, so she made her diary her best friend. Anne lived in Amsterdam ____________ during World War Ⅱ.
4. Her ____________ so nearly twenty-five months before ____________.
5. ____________ the only true friend was her diary. She wanted the diary itself ____________, whom she called Kitty.
6. Anne Frank said to Kitty, the diary, she wonder if that was because she hadn’t been ____________ for so long that she had grown so crazy ____________ to do with nature.
7. Anne Frank could ____________ there had been a time when a deep blue sky, the ____________, moonlight and flowers could never have kept her spellbound.
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