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Unit 1 Friendship
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学案与同步练习 Unit 1-2 Reading (1)
I. Read the passage of Anne’ Best Friend, then close your book and fill in the blanks.
1. Do you want a friend whom ____________ to, like your deepest ____________
2. Are you afraid that your friend ____________, or would not understand what ____________
3. Anne Frank made her diary ____________. She lived in Amsterdam in the Netherlands ____________.
4. Her family was Jewish so ____________ before they were discovered. During that time ____________ was her diary.
5. She wonder if it was because she hadn’t been able to be ____________ that she had grown ____________ to do with nature.
6. Anne Frank could well remember that there was a time ____________, the song of the birds, moonlight and flowers could never have____________ .
7. One evening ____________, Anne Frank stayed awake on purpose until half past eleven in order to ____________ by herself.
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