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高中英语人教版必修1 Unit1Friendship Reading 课件:23张PPT
必修一 Unit1 friendship
Warming Up,Pre-reading
1. Teaching objectives:
1) To develop the students’ reading ability, learn to use some reading strategies such as guessing, key sentences, skimming and so on;21教育网
2) To get the students to realize the importance of friends and friendship, and to tell true friends from false friends;www-2-1-cnjy-com
2. Teaching method: Task-based teaching
3. Teaching procedures:
Step 1 Pre-reading
1) Please enjoy three pieces of music and find out what they are about.21cnjy.com
2) Does a friend always have to be a person What else can be your friend21*cnjy*com
3) What do you know about the World War II
4) Background introduction
Step 2 Fast reading
1) Who is Anne
Who/What was Anne’s best friend
When and where did the story happen
2)Fill in the form below.
The time of the story
The place of the story
The heroine of the story
Anne’s best friend
The length of time they hid away
The date of the diary
“Anne’s Best Friend”
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