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高中英语人教版必修1 Unit1Friendship Language points 课件:30张PPT
必修一 Unit1 friendship
Reading and language points21-cn-jy.com
This is the third teaching period of this unit. The teacher should first check the students’ homework and offer chances for the students to review what they learned in the second period.
The emphasis in this period will be put on the important new words, expressions and sentence patterns. In order to make the students understand these important points tho-roughly, the teacher can first get the students to understand their meanings in the context, then give some explanations about them, and later offer some practices to let the students know their usages. At last make the students do more exercises for consolidation.【来源:21cnj*y.co*m】
The teacher should be expected to carefully design class activities to encourage the students to be active in class so as to enable the students to grasp and use these language points both orally and in written form. Make sure the students are willing to take part in the activities in class and get ready to cooperate with each other. In doing so, the students can learn, grasp and use these important language points well.
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