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Module 6 Around town模块综合检测试题 
(时间90分钟 总分120分)
Ⅱ. 单项选择(10分)
(  )21. —I want to go to different places, but I don’t know the ________.  
—A map is OK, I think.
A. price  B. time  C. way  D. ticket
(  )22. —Excuse me. ________?  
—It is in front of the station.
A. Is there a pay phone near here
B. Where is the pay phone
C. Is the pay phone far away from here
D. Is the pay phone in front of the station
(  )23. —Do you live in front of the big supermarket?
—No. I live the supermarket the post office.
A. across; from B. next; to
C. between; and D. near; to
(  )24. Mr Green is sitting ________the car and driving it to work.  
A. in front of
B. in the front of
C. on front of
D. on the front of
(  )25. —Why not ________an umbrella with you? It might rain in a while.
—All right! Thanks!
A. to take B. taking
C. take D. takes
(  )26. —Let’s go out for a picnic on Sunday.
A. Nice to meet you B. Here you are
C. The same to you D. Good idea
(  )27. Welcome ________our school!  
A. to B. in C. at D. /
(  )28. China is a big country ________a long history.
A. by B. in C. with D. as
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