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(共17张PPT) 主语是一个句子所叙说的主体,表示句子所说的是“什么人”或“什么事物”,一般位于句首. 主语 主 语 1>. 名词,名词化的形容词 2> 数词,代词 1.单个 的词 2. 短语 1>动词不定式短语 2>动名词和短语 3>名词短语 3.句子 句子 从句 1. 名词 Water is very important to us human beings. Dogs are useful animals. Students are proud of his success. 一、单个的词 The disabled need to be respected. The young should respect the old 2.(名词化的形容词) Nothing is yet certain.?一切都还没有肯定。 All are equal before the law.? We often play basketball after class. Who answers the questions? 3.代词 Thirteen is an unlucky number. The first is to finish the task on time. 4.数词 二、短语作主语 1.名词短语 Popular music are popular with students. Some students here study hard every day. The water here has been polluted. The car over there is made in China. 2.动词不定式短语 To drink a cup of cold drink in such hot weather is a great pleasure. To get up early is necessary. It is not easy to work out the problem. It is interesting to play with snow in winter. 3.动名词或动名词短语做主语 Swimming alone in the river is very dangerous. Smoking is harmful to your health. It is no use waiting here. = waiting here is no use. It is a waste of time sitting in front of the television all day. That She won the first one was a good news. She won the first one. 三、从句做主语 That she did not hand in the homework on time was a bad thing. She did not hand in the homework on time. 陈述句 Whether?they?will?hold?a?party?tonight? has?not?been?decided. Will they hold a party tonight ? 一般疑问句 What?she?said?is?correct.? What did she say? Who will write a poem has not been decided yet. Who will write a poem? 特殊疑问句 How?this?happened?is?not?clear?to?anyone. How did this happen? When we are going to have an English test has not been decided. When are we going to have an english test? 特殊疑问句 感叹句 How good a student (she is) is a fact. How good a student (she is)! What hot weather (it is) is a bad situation. What hot weather (it is) ! “how do you do ?” is a greeting. 四、句子用做主语 It?is?certain?that?she?will?do?well?in?her?exam. It is?a?pity?that?we?can’t?go. It?is?said?that?she won the first one. It?happened?that?I?was?out?that?day.? It?doesn’t?matter?whether?she?will?come?or?not.? It is a pity that you missed the chance. you missed the chance. 1. It +be adj + 3. It + n + 4. It + 2. It +be pp + 从句 陈述句(肯定) 一般疑问句 特殊疑问句 感叹句 Vi/phrase +
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