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Unit 1《Laughter is good for you》
● Task Writing to a foreign friend
This section consists of a series of activities which provide you with opportunities to learn and practice the listening, speaking, reading and writing skill. This section is divided into three steps and each step is preceded with a skills building part. Through listening and reading, you will get information about Chinese crosstalk. You are asked to use the information you have got to write an e-mail to a foreign friend answering his questions about Chinese crosstalk.
Skills building 1: identifying priorities
In this part, you will learn how to identify the most important part and the least important part of a task.
Now look at the sentences on the blackboard.
I need to know how many of you will go to watch the play this Saturday. I’ll have to book the tickets.
I want to know why you are so interested in the play.
I would like to know how you will go to the theatre.
Discuss in your groups and decide which one means the most important request and which one is the least important request. And give me your reasons. ( Do not judge whether their answers are right or not directly. Take notes of the reasons beside the sentences on the blackboard.)
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