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中小学教育资源及组卷应用平台 听说测试(八) Part A Reading Aloud In this part, you are required to watch a video and read after the speaker in the video. The youngster has a lot to learn. Challenge number one: work out who your friends are and who to avoid. Next, learn how to look for food ... but don’t get in the way. Finally, always watch where you walk. The youngster’s discovering that being so low on the pecking order isn’t going to be easy. Until the rains arrive, it’s going to be very tough here. Even getting a drink takes skill. At least now he knows where the water is. But he’s not big enough yet to reach it himself. He needs to grow up and learn ... fast. Part B Role Play In this part, you are required to act as a role and complete the following communicative tasks: After watching the video and listening to the speaker, ask the speaker three questions and then answer five questions from the computer acting as another role. 情景介绍: 角色:你是Ann。 任务:(1)与祖父谈论他小时候的事情。 (2)根据对话内容,回答问题。 生词:deliver 递送 Please get ready to ask three questions in English according to the following Chinese tips. 1.你是放学之后做这个工作吗? _______________________________ 2.你送报纸需要多长时间? _______________________________ 3.你每周赚多少钱呢? _______________________________ Please get ready to answer five questions in English. 1._____________________________________________________________________________________ 2._____________________________________________________________________________________ 3._____________________________________________________________________________________ 4._____________________________________________________________________________________ 5._____________________________________________________________________________________ Part C Retelling a Story In this part, you are required to listen to a story twice, then retell the story in your own words. 梗概:与母亲吵架的Tom在纸上写下了对母亲的抱怨,却发现母亲写下了满满的一页纸的“我爱你”。 关键词:fight(吵架)disappointed(失望的)exchange(交换)complain(抱怨)tear(眼泪) 听说材料 Part A 略 Part B W: Granddad, did you work after school when you were my age? M: Yes, I did. I started my first job when I was 12. We all had jobs in those days. Some of us worked before school, and some of us worked after school. W: What did you do? M: I had a paper round. I was a paper boy! W: What’s that? M: I delivered newspapers to 80 families in my neighborhood. (1) 学生问:Did you do it after school? 录音答:No, in the mornings! I got up at 5 o’clock and I had to collect the newspapers by 5:30. It was very early. But I didn’t think about that. I only thought about the money at the end of the week! (2) 学生问:How long was your paper round? 录音答:It took me two hours to deliver newspapers to people’s houses on my bike. Then I cycled home, had my breakfast and went to school. I did that seven days a week! And I did that for three years until my aunt found me another job at a bookstore. (3) 学生问:How much money did you make every week? 录音答:I got 30 pence every week. But you could buy a lot with 30 pence in those days. I spent most of my money on buying books. I loved reading. But I gave most of the books to a charity when I started to work. (1) 录音问:When did Ann’s granddad start his first job? 学生答:When he was 12. (2) 录音问:How many families did Ann’s granddad deliver newspapers to? 学生答:80. (3) 录音问:What did Ann’s granddad have to do by 5:30 am? 学生答:Collect the newspapers. (4) 录音问:How did Ann’s granddad deliver newspapers? 学生答:By bike. (5) 录音问:What did Ann’s granddad spend most of his money on? 学生答:Buying books. Part C One day, Tom and his mum had a big fight over Tom’s school performance. Tom was angry and his mum was disappointed. They didn’t speak to each other for over a week until Tom’s mum got closer to him with paper and pencils. His mum suggested that both of them should sit down on the dining table and write down on paper what they were not happy about each other. They then would exchange the paper and discuss. So Tom started to write and he had lots to complain about. His mum took a long look at Tom and then started to write. After fifteen minutes, they exchanged their paper. Tom’s mum read all the complaints which were written by Tom. When Tom looked at the paper written by his mum, he was embarrassed and tears were running down his face. On his mum’s paper, she wrote a whole page: “I love you, honey.” 参考答案 Part A 略 Part B 略(见听说材料) Part C 信息点: 1. Tom and his mum had a big fight. 2. Tom and his mum didn’t speak to each other for over a week. 3. Tom’s mum gave Tom some paper and pencils. 4. Tom’s mum suggested they both write down something on the paper. 5. Tom wrote down all his complaints. 6. Tom’s mum took a long look at Tom and then started to write. 7. Tom and his mum exchanged their paper after fifteen minutes. 8. Tom’s mum read his paper. 9. When Tom read his mum’s paper, he burst into tears. 10. Tom’s mum wrote a whole page: “I love you, honey.” 21世纪教育网 www.21cnjy.com 精品试卷·第 2 页 (共 2 页) HYPERLINK "http://21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) " 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com)
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