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中小学教育资源及组卷应用平台 听说测试(四) Part A Reading Aloud In this part, you are required to watch a video and read after the speaker in the video. The Dead Sea is famously known for being one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world — 9.6?times?as?salty?as?the?ocean. It is actually a lake. It’s in southwestern Asia between Jordan on the east and Israel and the West Bank on the west. Its surface and shores are 430.5 meters below sea level, making it the lowest body of water on earth. It is 304 meters deep. The Dead Sea’s climate offers year-round sunny skies and dry air. There is less than 50 millimetres rainfall every year. Part B Role Play In this part, you are required to act as a role and complete the following communicative tasks: After watching the video and listening to the speaker, ask the speaker three questions and then answer five questions from the computer acting as another role. 情景介绍: 角色:你是Amy。 任务:(1)与Chris谈论他的职业发展。 (2)根据对话内容,回答问题。 Please get ready to ask three questions in English according to the following Chinese tips. 1.为了成为一名演员,你做了什么? _______________________________ 2.你什么时候得到的第一份演艺工作呢? _______________________________ 3.你喜欢在剧场的舞台上表演吗? _______________________________ Please get ready to answer five questions in English. 1._____________________________________________________________________________________ 2._____________________________________________________________________________________ 3._____________________________________________________________________________________ 4._____________________________________________________________________________________ 5._____________________________________________________________________________________ Part C Retelling a Story In this part, you are required to listen to a story twice, then retell the story in your own words. 梗概:Peter帮助Jordan 先生卖食物,度过了一个有意义的假期。 关键词:holiday(假期) lazy(懒惰的) game(游戏) bored(感到无聊的) assistant(助手) 听说材料 Part A 略 Part B W: Hi! Thank you so much for agreeing to talk to me. M: No problem! I know it’s a difficult time when teenagers have to decide what job they want to do in the future. W: When did you decide to be an actor? M: Oh, that’s easy. I knew I wanted to be an actor when I was 11 years old. W: That was very young. M: Yes. I was in a school play and I loved it. I liked the stage and the costumes ... oh, everything, really. Also my dad liked drama, and I often went to the theatre with him. (1) 学生问:What did you do to become an actor? 录音答:I went to a special drama school and studied there for four years. I worked very hard. (2) 学生问:When did you get your first job as an actor? 录音答:I was very lucky. I got a part in a TV series when I was in the third year at the drama school. It’s called Fleet Street, about a London newspaper and I was in that series for four years! It was great fun, and I learned a lot about acting when I did that. (3) 学生问:Did you like acting on stage in a theatre? 录音答:Oh, yes! But it was hard work and it’s quite frightening sometimes, if you forget your words. I forgot my words once in a school play. It was a Greek play, and I had a lot of things to remember! It was terrible, but my friend helped me. He remembered them and said them quietly to me! The good thing about film and TV is that if you forget, you can do it again and again. (1) 录音问:When did Chris know he wanted to be an actor? 学生答:When he was 11 years old. (2) 录音问:Who did Chris use to go to the theatre with? 学生答:His father. (3) 录音问:How long did Chris study in the drama school? 学生答:For four years. (4) 录音问:What kind of program is Fleet Street? 学生答:A TV series. (5) 录音问:What happened when Chris was in the Greek play? 学生答:He forgot his words. Part C It was the first day of the holidays. Peter was on his bed, lazy, without knowing what to do. He woke up unwillingly, because it was the fifth time his mom called him. Peter breakfasted and sat down in the living room to play computer games. “Peter! You’re not going to stay the whole day here playing with your games! Go out and play with your friends!” said his mother. Peter went to the park looking for his friends, but did not find anybody. “What a boring day!” Peter sat beside Mr. Jordan’s food stand, where he used to buy his candies. The old man, who realized that Peter was really bored, said, “Peter, I’d like to have an assistant during holidays. Would you like to come every day to help me?” Peter felt excited, and said to Mr. Jordan, “It would be amazing to stay here, with all the amount of candies here!” “Well, you will be able to choose a different one every night.” Mr. Jordan said. Peter had so much fun all the days during holidays. His mom did not have to insist on waking up Peter again. 参考答案 Part A 略 Part B 略(见听说材料) Part C 信息点: 1. Peter stayed on the bed on the first day of the holidays. 2. Peter woke up unwillingly, breakfasted and played computer games. 3. Peter’s mom asked him to go out to play with his friends but he didn’t find anybody. 4. Peter sat beside Mr. Jordan’s food stand, where he used to buy his candies. 5. Mr. Jordan realized that Peter was really bored. 6. Mr. Jordan asked Peter if he would like to help him at the food stand. 7. Peter felt excited and said it would be amazing to stay with all the amount of candies there. 8. Mr. Jordan said Peter would be able to choose a different candy every night. 9. Peter had so much fun all the days during holidays. 10. Peter’s mom did not have to insist on waking up Peter again. 21世纪教育网 www.21cnjy.com 精品试卷·第 2 页 (共 2 页) HYPERLINK "http://21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) " 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com)
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