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中小学教育资源及组卷应用平台 听说测试(三) Part A Reading Aloud In this part, you are required to watch a video and read after the speaker in the video. The passing seasons are what make the Great British Year. Some days it feels like we get all four seasons in a single day. For our wildlife, the seasons have a great influence on every aspect of their lives. Timing is everything. We’re all in a head-long rush through the ever-changing year. 365 days, 12 months, 4 seasons ... As the yearly cycle begins, it’s cold and quiet, but full of promise. Winter is here. New Year’s Day. The sun is rising, but it won’t climb very high. The days here are so short there’s little time for it to warm the ground. Part B Role Play In this part, you are required to act as a role and complete the following communicative tasks: After watching the video and listening to the speaker, ask the speaker three questions and then answer five questions from the computer acting as another role. 情景介绍: 角色:你是Susan。 任务:(1)与James谈论他的假期。 (2)根据对话内容,回答问题。 Please get ready to ask three questions in English according to the following Chinese tips. 1.你外出多长时间呢? _______________________________ 2.你要去哪里呢? _______________________________ 3.去迈阿密要飞多长时间呢? _______________________________ Please get ready to answer five questions in English. 1._____________________________________________________________________________________ 2._____________________________________________________________________________________ 3._____________________________________________________________________________________ 4._____________________________________________________________________________________ 5._____________________________________________________________________________________ Part C Retelling a Story In this part, you are required to listen to a story twice, then retell the story in your own words. 梗概:Jenny 因剪下同桌集邮册里的几页邮票而背负着巨大压力,之后主动向老师承认错误并归还邮票。 关键词:stamp(邮票)similar(相似的)empty(空的)cut off(剪下)frightened(害怕的) 听说材料 Part A 略 Part B W: Are you excited about your holiday, James? M: Yes, I am! Actually, could you feed my cat for me while I’m away? W: Of course, no problem. You fed my fish while I was in Rome. M: Thanks. His food’s in the cupboard under the window and his bowl is on the floor by the door. If I leave the plants on the kitchen table, could you water them too? W: Sure. M: That’s very nice of you. (1) 学生问:How long will you be away? 录音答:Three weeks, but some friends are going to stay at my house for two weeks, so you’ll only need to go there for the final week. I’ll be home on the 30th. (2) 学生问:Where are you going? 录音答:I’m going to Miami and Paris. There are flights to France from Manchester every day so I’m spending a few days visiting Paris before I fly to?Miami. I went to Mexico when I was younger and I went skiing in Canada in January, but I’ve never been to the US and France. (3) 学生问:How long is the flight to Miami? 录音答:It’s eight and a half hours, which is OK, but the return journey will take over sixteen hours because I’ll?have to spend five hours waiting in New York! Could you meet me at Manchester Airport when I get back? The flight arrives at the airport at five thirty five in the afternoon. The flight number’s 1105. (1) 录音问:What did James do for Susan when she was in Rome? 学生答:He fed her fish. (2) 录音问:Where is the cat’s bowl? 学生答:On the floor by the door. (3) 录音问:How long will Susan take care of James’ cat? 学生答:For a week. (4) 录音问:What did James do in Canada in January? 学生答:He went skiing. (5) 录音问:What time will James arrive at Manchester Airport? 学生答:At 5:35 in the afternoon. Part C One day, Cindy brought her stamp collection to school. Jenny, her deskmate, couldn’t take her eyes off it and wished she had a similar stamp book. It was break time. Jenny was playing games with her friends. But she couldn’t stop thinking about the stamps. She said: “I’ll be right back after drinking some water!” After drinking water, Jenny came back instead of joining her friends. To her surprise, the classroom was empty! She went near Cindy’s desk and cut some pages from the book. Just then, she heard the sound of footsteps. She quickly went outside. After the break, everyone returned to the classroom. Suddenly, Cindy said: “Where have my stamps gone? I numbered them but some of them have been cut off!” She told the teacher that her stamps were missing. Now, Jenny began to feel frightened. The teacher said: “Listen, Cindy’s stamps were cut off. Does everyone know about this?” No one replied. Jenny felt worried. Jenny could hardly sleep at night. The next day, she tearfully returned the stamps to the teacher and said: “I feel stressful. I won’t do this again.” The teacher said: “Don’t worry! I shall never let anyone know where the stamps were found.” 参考答案 Part A 略 Part B 略(见听说材料) Part C 信息点: 1. Cindy brought her stamp collection to school. 2. Jenny liked Cindy’s stamp collection and wished she had a similar stamp book. 3. Jenny went to drink water. 4. Jenny came back to the classroom after drinking some water and found that the classroom was empty. 5. Jenny cut off some pages from Cindy’s stamp book. 6. Jenny heard the sound of footsteps and quickly went outside. 7. Cindy found that some of her stamps were missing and told the teacher about it. 8. The teacher asked the whole class who did it but no one replied. 9. Jenny returned the stamps to the teacher and told the truth the next day. 10. The teacher told Jenny he/she shall never let anyone know where the stamps were found. 21世纪教育网 www.21cnjy.com 精品试卷·第 2 页 (共 2 页) HYPERLINK "http://21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) " 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com)
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