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We want everyone to respect us. Do we respect everyone around us The answer is a big NO! We don’t respect 1 we think is better than us we don’t respect poor and old people, and we don’t respect who we feel is less better 2 us. So how can we win respect The easiest way 3 (gain) respect is by giving respect.
Winning respect might be difficult but not impossible. Don’t use bad language. Being 4 (help) and listening to someone are a sign of giving respect and 5 (win) respect as well. With patience and practice, you can get any kind of virtue.
Flowers are the main 6 (attract) of any type of decoration and in the same way respect is the beauty of life. Life is terrible 7 respect .Just think whenever you go to a party, every one there is not treated equally. Do you know why Because of 8 (they) manners.
Why are we not treated sometimes as 9 (expect) Because we do the same to others who have expectations from us. Relationship can be healthy if we never cross the walls of respect. Without respect, you can’t live. You need respect everywhere in life, in work, in society or in family. A respected person 10 (speak) politely.
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