[ID:4-5022595] (浙江选考)2019版高考英语大二轮复习专题四语篇填空提升练(16份)
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[ID:4-5022595] (浙江选考)2019版高考英语大二轮复习专题四语篇填空提升练(16份)

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1.That was the first time I          (go) there and I was impressed by the friendly people very much.?
2.St.Peter opened the suitcase to inspect the things before the man found too precious to leave behind and exclaimed (感叹),“You brought pavementAs you can see,the great street of the city of heaven          (make) of pure gold!”?
3.For more than 50 years,travellers             (use) the international driver’s license to travel in foreign countries.?
4.The men said they          (hear)a tiger growling(虎啸) somewhere nearby,but they didn’t know from which direction the noise had come.?
5.Ten people were going from one village to another.On the way they had to cross a river.After crossing they      (want) to be sure whether all were there.?
6.A school in Sarajevo not only accepted a deaf student,but also      (teach) the entire class sign language to allow them to better communicate with him.?
7.Shortly after he borrowed this book,he          (call) to London to continue his research.?
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