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Unit8 The seasons and the weather
Topic3 Let’s celebrate! Section A同步练习
1.My mother gets up early ____ the morning every day. But she got up late____ the morning of March 15th .
A . on; in B . in; on C . in; in D . on; on
2.Many people have got the habit of buying flowers for their mothers on _______.
A . Mothers’ Day B . the Mothers’s Day
C . the Mother’s Day D . Mother’s Day
3.—____ do you celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival
—We enjoy the full moon and eat moon cakes.
A . What B . When C . Which D . How
4. Many students show their love for teachers _____ giving cards and flowers on Teachers’ Day.
A . to B . by C . at D . with
5. _____ comes on the fourth Thursday in November.
A . Christmas B . Mother’s Day C . Thanksgiving D . New Year’s Day
6.— Peter, we are good friends. We can help ____.
— Yes, you’re right.
A . other B . each C . each other D . every other
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