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Unit13 We’re trying to save the earth:37张PPT
Unit13 We’re trying to save the earth!
Section A Period2同步练习
1.Waste paper and bottles ________________(collect) for recycling.
2.Could you please turn down the TV Your brother___________(review) his lessons.
3. All of us ____________ (pass) the exam. How happy we are!
4.Three patients __________________(operate) on by the famous doctor in the past 10 hours.
5.Mike missed the chair and fell down.Luckily,he was not ______(bad) hurt.
6.Everyone should ________ (have) dreams and work hard to achieve them.
7.All the students in our class took part in________(clean)up the park last Saturday.
8.There used to ________ (are) many trees around our school.
1.Her rich experience gave her a(n) ________ when looking for a good job.
A.condition B.idea C.purpose D.advantage
2.Mike used to be a top student, but he ________behind since he lost himself in computer games.
A.fell  B.has fallen C.was D.has been
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