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Unit6 When was it invented
SectionB Period5同步练习
Basketball _______1______ by James Naismith, a _____2____ doctor. It is _____3___ that the first basketball game _____4_____ (play) on December 21, 1891. And then in 1936, basketball became an Olympic event at the Berlin ____5____.How to play basketball Players ______6_____ (divide) into two teams. Players on the same team must work together to get the ball in the other team’s ___7___. At the same time, they need to ___8_ the competing team from ___9____ (get) the ball into their own basket.Today, basketball is played by ____10_____ 100 million people in over 200 countries. Young people look __11___ the basketball ____12__. They ____13_____ becoming famous players, too. And the stars encourage them to work hard to ___14_____ their dreams.
1. The students _______ four groups to discuss the topic.
A . divide to B . divided into
C . divide into D . are divided into
2.Today, the forests have almost gone. People must _______ down too many trees.
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