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Unit 12 The giant’s garden第一课时 习题
1. giant A. 穿过
2.wall B. 禁止进入
3. through C. 巨人
4.be kind to D. 推倒
5.No entry E. 墙
6.knock down F.对……友好
( )1. .
A. Welcome you!
B. What’s wrong with you
C. Get out! Get out !
( ) 2. 
A. It’s hot here. I want an ice cream.
B. It’ s cold here. Where’s Miss Spring
C. What is that
( ) 3 
A. Look, there is a wall. We can’t get in the garden.
B. Look, what beautiful trees.
C. Look, it is a good wall.
( ) 4
A. Miss Spring, have a good rest.
B. Don’ t run anywhere.
C. Children, you can play in my garden any time.
( ) 5 
A. You can’t come through the hole.
B. Hurry up! We’re having fun.
C. You are wrong.
( )1.  A. Don’t turn left.
( )2.  B. No entry
( )3.  C. No eating.
( )4.  D. No climbing.
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