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Unit 11 Chinese festivals第二课时 习题
1. be afraid of A. 怪物
2.monster B. 在……的结尾
3. last C. 村庄
4.villiage D. 最后的
5.at the end of E. 害怕……
1. it, Chinese, is, important, festival, an, (. )
2. red, colour, is, Nian, of, the, afraid, (. )
3. hills, comes, Nian, from, down, the, (. )
4. the, never, people, in, Nian, the, village, see, again,(. )
5. windows, he, sees, paper, red, on, and, the, doors. (. )
A. An old man comes to the village. He tells the people Nian is afraid of the colour red.
B. The people in the village never see Nian again. C. At the end of every year, Nian goes into the village and eats people.
D. Nian sees red paper on the doors and windows.
E.Nian feels afraid and runs back into the hills.
( )1. Nian is a bear.
( )2. Nian goes into the village and helps people. ( )3. Nian is afraid of colour red.
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