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中小学教育资源及组卷应用平台 Unit1 My neighbourhood知识点总结 Lesson 1 1. 必会单词短语: restaurant 餐馆 post office 邮局 bank 银行 grocery 食品杂货店 across from 对面 next to=near 紧邻 between 在...之间(短语between...and) 2. 拓展单词: neighbourhood 街坊,附近 (neighbour 邻居 -hood 后缀 时期性质等 childhood 儿童时代) 3. 复习单词: hospital 医院 bookshop 书店 school 学校 supermarket 超市 4. 必会句型: (1)Where is _______? ______在哪? (2)It’s between ________ and ________. 它在_____ 和_____的中间。 (3)It’s across from __________. 它在______对面。 (4)It’s next to _________. 它在______ 附近。 Lesson 2 1. 必会单词短语: crossroads 十字路口 turn left 向左转 turn light 向右转 go straight 直行 at the first crossroads 在第一个十字路口 2. 必会句型: (1)Is there __________ in the neighbourhood? 街区里有_________? (2)Yes, there is. 是的,有。 (3)No, there isn’t. 不,没有。 (4)How can I get there? (to省略) 我怎样才能到达那里? (5)How can I get to __________? 我怎样到达_______? (6)Go straight and turn right / turn left at the first crossroads. 直走,在第一个十字路口右转 / 左转。 (7)It’s on your right/ on your left. (It’s on the right / on the left) 它在你的右边 / 左边。 3. 惯用语: (1)Excuse me. 打扰一下。 (2)Thank you. 谢谢你。 (3)You’re welcome. 不客气。 Lesson 3 1. 拓展单词: get 得到 money 钱 get to 到达 before 在..之前 leave 离开 toy 玩具 2. 拓展短语: ask sb to do sth 让某人去做某事 get some money 取一些钱 the second crossroads 第二个十字路口 3. 复习词汇: ball 球 4. 某人去某处问句及答句: 1)How can _______(sb) get to _______(sp) from _____ (sp)? 2)He / She can go _________________________________. 3)It's ___________________________________________. Let’s spell ai/ ay [e?] train火车 rain 雨 mail 邮件 day 白天 say 说 May 五月 Fun time drugstore 药店 buy medicine,food and drinks hairdresser’s 理发店 look special for a haircut coffee shop 咖啡店 drink coffee drink hot chocolate gas station 加油站 buy gas,candy and drinks Story time call 打电话 direction 方向 in front of 在....之前 follow 跟随 play a trick on 捉弄 right 正好 behind 在..之后 arrive at 到达 练习题 选择填空 ( )1. You can buy gas in the ________. A. coffee shop B. gas station C. drugstore ( )2. -- ______ are you? -- I’m in front of the museum. A. What B. How C. Where ( )3. You can turn right ______ the first crossroads. You can see it. A. at B. in C. to ( )4. Joy’s mother _______ a busy morning. A. had B. has C. have ( )5. You can get some _______ from the bank. A. money B. fruit C. gas ( )6. My school is ______ the left of the bank. A. to B. on C. in ( )7. Sam likes drinking coffee and hot chocolate in the coffee shop. It’s ______. A. delicious B. fun C. sad ( )8. How can she get home ______ the supermarket? A. from B. to C. at ( )9. -- Do you like green apples ____ red appples? -- Red apples. A. with B. or C. and ( )10. Are you ______? You can go to the hospital to see the doctor. A. happy B. hungry C. sick 答案: BCABA BAABC 21世纪教育网 www.21cnjy.com 精品试卷·第 2 页 (共 2 页) HYPERLINK "http://21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) " 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com)
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