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必修一 Unit 1
1.There is no sense  upsetting  (upset) yourself about it now.Look forward and everything will be all right.
2.In addition,using mobile phones will add  to  their parents’ economic burdens.
3.He asked several questions  concerning  (concern) the future of the company.
4. —How did you pass the challenging test
—It was a long time  before  I found a series of suitable methods.
5.Human beings and animals should get  along/on  well with each other.
6.While  travelling  (travel) in Europe,he found many interesting things and experienced different cultures.
7.Since you have questions,why not turn to him for some  tips  (tip)
8.The old man went through many difficulties and  suffered  (suffer) a lot from them.
9.Dave went  through  his pockets looking for the keys.
10.With a lot of difficult problems  to settle  (settle),the newly-elected president is having a hard time.
1.I failed again,but my parents encouraged me and told me that failure was the mother of success. was→is 
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