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高三阅读理解技巧 — 词义猜测
序号 题型 题型分类标记词
1 细节理解题 无特殊词汇
2 词义猜测题 closest in meaning, most probably means, be replaced by, refer to
3 主旨大意题 main(ly), theme, title, entitled, chiefly, primarily, major point
4 写作目的题 purpose, goal, intend
5 推理判断题 infer, imply, indicate, suggest, conclude

1. 1. The word “…” underlined probably means/ refers to/ could best be replaced by ___. 2. What do you think the expression “…” stands for??
3. The underlined word “…” is the closest in meaning to ______.
4. The word “…” is most likely to mean ______.

1. On the way to the factory, Jack sang a pop song happily, because it is the first day for him to work. When first he was working, he talked with his comrade. Suddenly, the machine broke down because of his carelessness. Jack was afraid of the blame of his boss. His comrade told him, ”take it easy, you are a green hand.” (新手)
2. Do you like a lady bird? It is not a kind of bird. It is a insect. It can fly. Its wings are red. It is very small. (瓢虫)
3. Tourists shanghaied into buying expensive fakes(假货). Some guides told them that fakes are good. They are worth buying. (诱骗)
4. Tim drank too much water last night, so he went to visit john twice. (厕所)
5. We are on the night shift --- from midnight to 8 a.m. --- this week. Oh, my god, we are very tied. (夜班)
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