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1. (2019安徽模拟)It is reported that a space station ______ on the moon in years to come.
A. will be building B. will he built
C. has been building D. has been built
2. (2019天津模拟) Jane can’t attend the meeting at 3 o’clock this afternoon because she ______ a class at that time.
A. will teach B. would teach C. has taught D. will be teaching
3. (2019四川模拟)More expressways _________ in Sichuan soon to promote the local economy.
A. are being built B. will be built C. have been built D. had been built
4.(2019湖南模拟)As you go through this book, you ________ that each of the millions of people who lived through World War II had a different experience.
A. will find B. found C. had found D. have found
5. (2019北京模拟)—Dr. Jackson is not in his office at the moment.
—All right. I________ him later.
A. will call B. have called C. call D will be calling
6.(2019湖南模拟)Always_______ in mind that your main task is to get this company running smoothly.
A. to keep B. to have kept C. keep D. have kept
7. “Life is like walking in the snow”, Granny used to say, “because every step ”
A. has shown B. is showing C. shows D. showed
8. Planning so far ahead ____ no sense—— so many things will have changed by next year.
北师大版高中英语高考总复习:23总复习:一般现在时、现在进行时、一般将来时、将来进行时的用法及区别 (1).docx
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