[ID:4-6452952] [精]2020高考英语二轮复习精准培优专练四:时态与语态(原卷版+解析版)
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1.【2019年天津卷】8.Amy, as well as her brothers, ____________ a warm welcome when returning to the village last week.
A. is given B. are given C. was given D. were given
2.【2019天津卷】2.I __________ to send Peter a gift to congratulate him on his marriage,but I couldn’t manage it.
A. had hoped B. am hoping C. have hoped D. would hope
3.【2019江苏卷】33.They are trying to make sure that 5G terminals_________ by 2022 for the Beijing Winer Olympics.
A. will install B. will have been installed C. are installed D. have been installed
4.【2019江苏卷】22.The musician along with his band members ___________ ten performances in the last three months.
A. gives B. has given C. have given D. give
5. 【2019江苏卷】29.A few months after he had arrived in China, Mr. Smith ___________ in love with the people and culture there.
A. would fall B. had fallen C. has fallen D. fell
6.【2018天津卷】My washing machine ___________this week, so I have to wash my clothes by hand.
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