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Unit 10 You’re supposed to shake hands.
Language Goal
Talk about customs and what you’re supposed to do

Knowledge Goals

Key Words

Key Phrases
drop by,after all,get mad,make an effort,clean…off,take off,go out of one’s way,make…feel at home,get used to

Key Sentences
1.—What are you supposed to do when you meet someone for the first time
—You’re supposed to shake hands.
2.—Am I supposed to wear jeans
—No,you’re expected to wear a suit and tie.
3.—Is it important to be on time
—Yes,it’s important to be on time.

Key Grammar
Learn to use “be supposed/expected to+infinitive”;
Learn to use “It is+adj.+to do sth.”

Ability Goals
1.Develop listening,speaking,reading and writing skills by using the target languages.
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