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人教版七年级下册 Unit5 Why do you like pandas教学设计 Section A (1a-2c)
III. Teaching procedures
Step 1 Warm-up/ Lead-in
Free talk between the students:
What are they in the picture (pandas)
Do you like pandas
Please think: Where can we see pandas(China ,SiChuan, zoo,etc.)
We have two friends today,John and Julie.They go to the zoo to see animals, let’s go together.
Step 2 Presentation
1.New words:
(1).Let the students look at the pictures on the screen and answer the question: What animals can you see And then learn the new words.
(2).Play a guessing game. Can you guess what animals they are
In this part, I will let them have a competition. After the competition, I will give the winners some stars.
(3).Ask the students to read the words and match with the pictures in 1a, then check the answers with them.
2. listening
(展示John and Julie 在动物园的地图,引导学生思考并猜测他们想看什么动物,然后进行听力训练。)
(1)Listen and check (√) the animals you hear .
(2)Listen and fill in the blanks .Then check the answers.
(3) Let the students have a brainstorm:What other words can describe the animals
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