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Unit3 Is this your pencil ? SectionA (Grammar Focus-3c) 学习目标: 一.单词 pencil, book, eraser, pencil box, schoolbag, dictionary, mine, his, hers 二.句子 —Is this/that your ….? —Yes, it is. It’s mine./No, it isn’t. It’s hers/his. —Are these your ….? —Yes, they are. They’re mine./No, they aren’t. They’re his/hers. 三.语法 一般疑问句 物主代词 指示代词 I can say them quickly. 1. it (复数) _________ 2. my (名词性物主代词) _________ 3. her (名词性物主代词) _________ 4. his (名词性物主代词) _________ they 按要求写出正确的单词或句子。 mine hers his 5. your (名词性物主代词) _________ 6. Bob (名词所有格) __________ 7. 谢谢你 ____________ 8. ……怎么样? ____________ 9. 不客气。 _______________ 10. 为……而感谢 _________________ yours Bob’s thank you What about…? You’re welcome. thank you for … Teacher: Hi, Anna. ___________________? Anna: No, they’re Bob’s. Teacher: And is this his green pen? Anna: __________. The blue pen is his. Teacher: _________________________? Anna: It’s Helen’s. And the green pen is hers, too. Complete the conversation. Are these your pencils No, it isn’t What about this dictionary Teacher: And the eraser? ____________? Anna: Yes, it is. Teacher: _____________________, Anna. Anna: You’re welcome. Is that yours Thank you for your help Is your pencil box ? this Yes, it is. It is my pencil box. mine. This is my pencil box. You ask and I answer! Is your schoolbag? Yes, it is. It is my schoolbag. mine. This is my schoolbag. this Is your pencil box ? that No, it isn’t. It’s his pencil box. his. This is my pencil box. Is your ruler ? that No, it isn’t. It’s her ruler. hers. This is my ruler. Are your erasers ? Yes, they are. They’re my erasers. mine. these These are my erasers. Are your pens ? those No, they aren’t. They’re his pens. his. These are my pens. Are your erasers ? those No, they aren’t. They’re her erasers. hers. These are my erasers. Is this your bag? Is this your bag? No, it isn’t. No, it isn’t. Is that your book? Is that your book? Yes, it is. Yes, it is. Is this your bag? Read the questions and complete the answers. 阅读问句并补全对话。 it is hers it isn’t It is they are his they aren’t They’re 3c Game: Put something into the box. Take them out off the box. Find the owner. Chant Pen, pen. Is this your pen? No, no. It’s his pen. It’s his. It’s his. Dictionary, dictionary. Is that your dictionary? No, no. It’s her dictionary. It’s hers. It’s hers. Eraser, eraser. Is this your eraser? Yes, yes. It’s my eraser. It’s mine. It’s mine. Books, books. These are your books. They’re yours. Schoolbags, schoolbags. They’re his. They’ re hers. this isn’t these they that is those aren’t 【观察领悟】 Is______ your book? Yes, it is. No. it _______. Are _____ my pencils? Yes, _____ are. No, they aren’t. Is ______ his ruler? Yes, it ______. No, it isn’t. Are ______her pens? Yes, they are. No, they______. 规律总结 1)be动词与指示代词保持一致:this/that用____,these/those用______。 2)一般疑问句的基本结构:be动词置于______ 3)简略回答用____代替this/that,用_____代替these/those。 4)形容词性物主代词与名词性物主代词的不同:形容词性物主代词后需带名词,名词性物主代词后不能再接名词。 is are 句首 it they 将表格中的句子进行分类 询问物品所属关系 单数用 复数用 Is this/that your/her…? Are these/those your/his…? 简略回答 单数用 复数用 Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. Yes, they are. No, they aren’t. 结构 语法篇-含be动词的一般疑问句 答语 1 2 3 (答语中动词be与not要缩写, 而am和not不能缩写。) 一般疑问句:询问事情或者某种情况是否 属实并要求对方用yes或no的句子。 【知识构建】 表示所有关系的代词叫做物主代词 (Possessive Pronouns) , 也叫人称代词的所有格。物主代词分为形容词性物主代词和名词性物主代词两种。物主代词有人称和数的变化。 【知识构建】 This is my pen. That is her eraser. These are my pencil boxes. Those are his dictionaries. Are these your pencils? =This is =These are =That is . =Those are . =Are these ? 我发现了:名词性物主代词= + mine. mine. hers his yours 形容词性物主代词 名词 顺口溜:用形或用名,全凭后决定;有名则用形,无名则用名。 物主代词:形容词性物主代词与名词性物主代词 his 他的 hers 她的 its 它的 语法篇-名词性物主代词 Here are two pens. The black one is yours and the red one is mine. your pen my pen This is my dictionary. His is on the desk. 【巧学妙记】 形容词性物主代词与名词性物主代词的区别 物主代词分两家, 形容词性名词性。 形容词性能力差, 自己不能来当家。 句子当中作定语, 身后定把名词加。 物主代词名词性, 相当名词可单用。 his, its无变化, my和mine要牢记。 其余变形规律化, 形性后加s尾巴。 情景剧编演 “Is this your ……?” Useful expressions (参考语言): Excuse me. Here you are. Thank you. You are welcome. Is this/that your…? Yes, it is. It is mine. /No, it isn’t. It’s hers/his. Task【学以致用】 根据所听录音编一段对话,可适当发挥想象。 A :Excuse me, is this/that your ….? B:Yes, it is. It’s mine./No, it isn’t. It’s his/hers. A:Are these/those your …? B: Yes, they are. They are mine./No, they aren’t. They are his/hers. A :Here you are. C:Thank you. A :You are welcome. Exercise 1. Is this your pencil? Yes, ______ ______.It’s _____(my). 2. _______(be) these his pens? No, ____ _____.They’re______(her). 3. Are _____(that) her erasers? Yes,_____ are. 4. That is my schoolbag.(变一般疑问句并作否定回答) ________________________________________ 5.这是你的字典吗?不,它不是。是他的。 ________________________________________ it is mine Are they are hers those Is this your dictionary? No, it isn’t. It’s his. Is that your schoolbag? No, it isn’t. they 【学以致用】 用所给词的适当形式填空 1. Alice and Bill are      (I) good friends. 2. These books are      (I) . 3. The girl is Ann and this is      (she) mother. 4. This book is      (she) . 5.       (her) is Susan, my sister. my mine her hers She not和no的区别: (1)not 用于构成否定形式,置于句中,常放在be动词、情态动词can等、助动词do的后面,可与前面的词缩成一个词,但不能独立使用。 如:This is not (isn’t) a pen. I can not (can’t) come. I do not (don’t) know. Language points (2) no 常用于带冠词(a, an, the)的名词前,主要修饰可数名词,此时,既可放在单数名词前,也可放在复数名词前。在no+名词的结构中,名词前不能加any, much等词。 * It has no tail.它没有尾巴。 Tom has no books.汤姆没有书。 There is no water now.现在没有水。
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