[ID:4-4421336]Unit 6 Work quietly!单元教案(6个课时)
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Unit 6 Work quietly!
Period 1 Part A Let’s learn &Look and say

1.掌握新单词和短语:doing morning exercises,having…class,eating lunch,reading a book,listening to music.
2.掌握句型:What is Chenjie /she /he doing
What are the students /they /you doing
Important&difficult points(重难点)
Learning steps(学习过程)
Step 1:Warming up(预习温故)(5分钟)
1.T:When is your birthday
S:My birthday is on April 8th.
T:Whose storybook is that
S:It’s yours.
T:Whose pen is that
S:It’s Sarah’s./It’s hers.
T:Is he drinking water
S:Yes,he is.
T:Are these rabbits eating
S:No,they aren’t.
2.Review unit5’s content.
Step 2:Presentation(新课展示)(15分钟)
1.T:Look at the picture.What’s Chen Jie doing
S:(做早操)doing morning exercises.
T:Follow me.doing morning exercises.
Use the same way to learn other words:having…class,eating lunch,reading a book,listening to music.(老师板书单词原形)
2.Sentences:T:What is Chen Jie/he /she doing
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