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Module 8 Unit 1 Here’s to our friendship!同步练习
1.________(请原谅)?It’s a bit noisy.
2.Look!Lucy’s new________(小提包) is similar to mine in style.
3.We________(打算)to look at the situation again .
4.Rock music is well-known for its strong and fast b_______ .
5. The girl would like some ___________ (薄烤饼) and orange juice .
1. —Open the window please,Mike.
—________?I didn’t hear what you said.
A. What B. Pardon
C. Really D. All right
2.—Sam, my iPhone is in my bedroom . Could you _____ it for me?
—No problem .
A . bring B . fetch
C . take D . carry
3.Lucy intended ________ abroad last year .
A.study B.to study C.to studying D.studied
4. ——Why didn’t you go to see the flower show yesterday
——Because I __________ it twice.
A. see B. saw C. have seen D. had seen
5. I can’t tell you what she said . I’ve promised ________ it a secret .
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